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If you are willing to apply for UNIBEN Postgraduate Form the List of Approved UNIBEN Postgraduate Courses are right available for you. The UNIBEN Postgraduate Courses are made available so as to be sure the Postgraduate school offers the Courses of your choice.

The Courses for UNIBEN Postgraduate Studies are listed below.


List Of Approved Postgraduate Courses Offered in University Of Benin UNIBEN


Below is the full detail of all the Postgraduate diploma, masters and doctorate courses offered at the University of Benin, UNIBEN.​​


Master of Laws
Administration/Management (M.A. Arts)
Administration/Management (M.A. Arts)
African Linguistics (M.A.)
African Literature (M.A.)
African Oral Literature (M.A.)
Applied Linguistics (M.A.)
Art History (M.A.)
Caribbean Literature (M.A.)
Comparative Literature (M.A.)
Dramatic Theory and Criticism (M.A.)
Dramatic Theory and Criticism (M.A.)
ED English (M.A.)
Ed. Social Studies (M.A.)
English Language (M.A.)
French Language (M.A.)
French Literature (M.A.)
Historical/Comparative Linguistics (M.A.)
History (M.A.)
International History and Diplomacy (M.A.)
Literature in English (M.A.)
Literary Stylistics (M.A.)
Mass Communication (M.A.)
Music and Dance (M.A.)
Music and Dance (M.A.)
Phonology (M.A.)
Psycholinguistics (M.A.)
Performance Theory and Praxis (M.A.)
Performance Theory and Praxis (M.A.)
Semantics (M.A.)
Sociolinguistics (M.A.)
Syntax (M.A.)
Theory and Criticism of the Arts (M.A.)
Theory and Criticism of the Arts (M.A.)
Theatre Arts (M.A.)
Translation Studies (M.A.)
Master in Banking and Finance (BNK)
Business Education (Accounting) (M.Ed.)
Biology Education (M.Sc. Ed.)
Office Technology And Management (M.Sc. Ed.)
Business Education (M.Sc. Ed.)
Community Health (M.Sc. Ed.)
Chemistry Education (M.Sc. Ed.)
Counselling Psychology (M.Sc. Ed.)
Educational Administration and Foundation (M.Ed.)
Educational Foundation (M.Ed.)
Educational Philosophy (M.Ed.)
Educational Management (M.Ed.)
History Of Education (M.Ed.)
Home Economics (M.Ed.)
Health Education(Environmental and Safety Education) (M.Sc. Ed.)
Health Education(School Health Education) (M.Sc. Ed.)
Home Economics (M.Ed.)
Mathematics Education (M.Sc. Ed.)
Rural and Community Development (M.Ed.)
Sociology of Education (M.Ed.)
Social Studies (M.Sc. Ed.)
Technical Education (M.Ed.)
Technical Education(Electrical and Electronics Technology) (M.Ed.)
Technical Education(Mechanical Technology) (M.Ed.)
Technical Education(Woodwork and Building Technology) (M.Ed.)
Women Education (M.Ed.)
Civil Engineering(Engineering Structures and Technology) (M.Eng.)
Chemical Engineering (M.Eng.)
Master in Engineering (Computer Engineering)
Civil (Transport and Highway Engineering) (M.Eng.)



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