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Canada Student Visa – How to Apply

Are you planning to study in Canada and thereby wondering about the process taken to make the necessary application? Look no further! This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the Canada student visa application process. From eligibility requirements to required documents and tips for a successful application.


Whether you’re a student looking to pursue higher education in Canada or a parent supporting a child’s studies abroad, this article will provide all that you need to have a successful application.

Read on to find all the information required.


How to Apply for A Canada Student Visa


When applying for a Canada student visa, there are two methods available for you to choose from. However, when choosing a particular application method, there are several factors that you will need to consider. In the next section, I explained in-depth both process.


Online Application


Submitting an online application for a student visa is the most recommended and convenient method. When applying online, all of your documents must be in digital format. This means you’ll need to scan your documents into the required format.

On the other hand, if you choose to apply offline, you’ll need to submit a fingerprint scan at the Visa Application Center (VAC), along with a physical passport with your name written on the back and a payment receipt for verification.


Offline Application


This is the second available method for application, unlike, the above method, this method of application is done entirely online. Offline applications for a Canada student visa are generally not accepted, with only two exceptions: individuals who are disabled and unable to apply online, and non-residents. 

If you are in one of these categories and wish to apply on paper, it is important to first download the application guide, which will provide all the necessary information for the application process. 

To complete the offline application, you will need to fill out the VFS consent form and attach it to your application form. After paying the required processing fee, you should then submit your application and all required supporting documentation to the nearest VFS office.


Documents Required when Applying for A Student Visa to Canada


By now, you should be familiar with the specific method of application you intend to consider. The next step is to consider getting the necessary documents ready. You will be required of these documents when applying for a Canada student visa.


The following are the documents you need to have, before applying for a student visa to Canada:


  • Passport

To apply for a student visa to study in Canada, you will need to have a valid passport. It is important to ensure that your passport is valid for the duration of your studies in Canada. 

If your passport is set to expire before the end of your studies, you will need to renew your passport before applying for a student visa.


  • Evidence of Funds

To obtain a Canada student visa, you must show that you have access to sufficient funds to cover your tuition, housing, and other expenses for the duration of your studies. 

If you are not receiving a scholarship, you must demonstrate a stable source of income. As part of the application process, you will need to provide evidence of your financial resources. It is important to have enough money available to meet these requirements.


In order to verify the funds available, you will be asked to provide either of the following documents.

  1. Canadian bank account
  2. Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution
  3. A student loan or education loan
  4. Bank statements for the past 4 months
  5. Bank draft 
  6. Proof of paid tuition and housing fee


  • Passport Size Photographs

When applying for a student visa to study in Canada, you will need to provide a passport-sized photograph. The kind of photos required depends on the application method: offline applications typically require 2 photos, while online applications require a digital copy of your passport that is no larger than 4Mb. 

The dimensions of the photograph should be 35 mm by 45 mm.


  • Proof of English proficiency

To study at some institutions, you may need to prove your English language skills by taking an English proficiency exam, such as the TOEFL or IELTS. It is recommended to seek guidance from a professional on how to prepare for these exams in order to achieve the best results.


  • Statement of purpose

The main purpose of your trip to Canada is to study. It is important to write a statement explaining your primary travel goals. This statement should include information about why you selected a particular institution and why you chose Canada. While it is not necessary for all schools, it is suggested that you include this statement with your application.


  • Conduct an Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

To apply for a study visa to Canada, you will need to undergo an Immigration Medical Examination (IME). This is a requirement for all international students. The purpose of the IME is to show that you are in good health and do not have any medical problems. 


It is important to schedule the IME exam several days in advance of your visa application so that the doctor has enough time to conduct all the necessary tests. It is best to make an appointment with the doctor to ensure that you can complete the IME exam efficiently.


  • Proof of acceptance by the institution

Once you have received an acceptance letter from the educational institution you wish to attend, you should consider applying for a Canada study visa. The immigration department must acknowledge the acceptance letter.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Days It Takes to Get a Student Visa in Canada


It Is Difficult to Say the Exact Number of Days Taken to Get Your Visa in Canada. This Is Based on Several Factors; However, According to The Canadian Immigration Website, the Length of Time Taken to Get a Student Visa in Canada May Span Several Months. as I Have Already Mentioned, This Is Dependent on Certain Factors.


Do I Need IELTS to Study in Canada?


Most institutions in Canada require applicants to have passed one or more English proficiency tests. However, this is dependent on the institutions you choose. While most institutions in Canada will require an IELTS, others do not.




The process for applying for a Canada student visa involves several steps, including obtaining a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution, paying the visa application fee, and submitting the necessary documents. 

More importantly, carefully review the requirements and gather all necessary documents before submitting the application to ensure a smooth and successful process. It is also advisable to start the application process as early as possible, as it can take several weeks or months to obtain a student visa.

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