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Are you looking for means to Check NYSC Senate List NYSC is aid to enable all prospective Corp member undergo a year service to their father land and this is to enable all graduate participant in all other skill and as well learn in their various decipline. Therefore to check if names are listed on NYSC portal one need to vividly know the right requirements involved before you Check NYSC Senate List 2021.

Consequently, any one that wants to Check NYSC Senate List and ready to serve most have concluded their clearance in their various institutions. Below are the requirements to ensure that one is to undergo the programme.

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How to Check NYSC Senate List Online


The following are how to Check NYSC Senate List online without any delay; While you must have visited the NYSC Official portal

1. First of all you have to select your institution

2 Followed by entering your “Matriculation Number”

3. Afterwards, you can now type in your surname

4. Proceed to select your date of birth which may include the day, month and the year.

5. Finally, you can take your consor to the “Search” and click on it

Note: If your name is found on the NYSC Senate List all your details will be shown but if is not there you will be told “No record found” this simply means that the had copy of your list hasn’t reached Abuja which means your name have to be forward to them before it will be seen. But while you keep waiting ensure that your name is found on the JAMB Matriculation List.


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Check NYSC Senate List


How to Check JAMB Matriculation List


For one to register for NYSC in any batch one have to be mindful of his or her name that is in the JAMB Matriculation List. Note that anyone that his name is found on the list is qualified to go to the one year service to their fatherland. but if the name isnt found that means their are some helpful tips to enable you get your name found in the JAMB Matriculation List. Below are the procedure to Check JAMB Matriculation List;

1. The first thing to do is to visit the JAMB Matriculation List official portal.

2. The you can proceed to enter your Reg number

3. Afterwards you can now click on “FETCH”


All you admission details will be out listing your institutition and your course of study. But if your name isnt found there are some important requrement that one need to do to found your name, keep scrolling to get the requirements below.

It should be denoted that It is very important that one confirms his or her name from the matriculation list. Meanwhile, only candidates whose names are on this list are recognised as bonafide students from the various accredited institutions.

By implication, if your name is not on this list, your application to NYSC scheme for the one year National service shall be declined.


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How to To qualify to be on the JAMB Matriculation List


1. Print your Admission Letter Online from the e-Facility Platform

2. Print your Result Slip Online from the e-Facility Platform

3. Verify the two documents with the admission officer in your Institution


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