Corp Members Acronyms Used During 2023 NYSC Orientation

Over the years the NYSC which had been established for the Corp Member Service to their father land to ensure vital role of skills and training. Meanwhile, there are various Corp Members Acronyms which are used during a year service to their fatherland, these Acronyms are used to basically in camp and when going about their work experiences.

National Youth Service Corp enables different persons to come together to share more knowledge, speak and as well learn new languages and skills. Most undergraduate may not know theses Corp Members Acronyms but it is very much advice-able for all corp members to get to know the major NYSC Abbreviations during the service year. It is therefore cool every Corp Members adher to the directives giding both the camp as well as the work experiences.

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Major Corp Members Acronyms Used During NYSC Orientation Camp


The following are some Corp Members Acronyms that are used that one may want to know that full meaning as well as when and how they are used;

1. P P A 

This simply means Place of Primary Assignment. It is often use when various corp members are posted to their work place for different assignments. It is usually after there three (3) weeks camp experiences.

It is the duty of every Corp members to go to their Place of Primary Assignment and ensure that work and learn one or two skills in where they were posted. Some may be posted to teach in secondary school or even primary schools while some will be posted to a company or even a government parasitical.

2. C D S

This is another acronym that means Community Development Service. This has to do with development of the community through various skill that will benefit all Corp Members. It could be in form of entertainment, information, enlightenment or edutainment for instance, the parade and the camp fire and other various camp experiences.

This is done in order to spur the Corp Members to new ideas during the three weeks camp stay and ther work experience. Some persons may decide to join in the CDS while some will decide to take a leave. The CDS is usually once in a week which may be either Wednesday or Thursday as the case may be.

3. P O P

This simply means Passing Out Parade is usually done at the end of all activities during service to Father land. It shows that the Corp members are ending there services in their various location after 1 a year. After the whole one year the certificate of completion will be signed and handed over to the Corp Member.

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Other Acronyms for Corp Members 


Below are the TERMS that NYSC frequently used in running its scheme that every corps member should know:

1. NYSC: National Youth Service Corps.

2. PCM: Prospective Corps Member. It means going to become a corps member.

3. Green Card: This is a coloured ‘print-out’ paper that PCMs print after they have completed their registration online. successful NYSC. Green card contains PCMs personal data, grade, Call-up Number and Nysc kits specifications.

4. Call-Up Letter: This is a letter that NYSC send to every PCM, calling them for service after few weeks they registered online. The letter usually give PCM four(4) days notice to report to camp.

5. Corps Member: A corps member is a member of NYSC. A Federal Government kid. A corps member has the same govt. immunity as a soldier, police or other corps in Nigeria.

6. Corper: Short form of saying “Corps Member”.

7. Allowee: This is a monthly Allowances paid to every serving corps member.
There are three types of allowee, namely:

  • State government allowee: This is the allowance the state government pay to every corps member posted to their states. (No fixed amount and it varies from state to state)
  • Federal government allowee: This is monthly allowance the federal government pay to every serving nationwide. The current amount is fixed at N33,000.
  • PPA allowee: This is allowances paid to corps members by those they are serving in their establishment.

8. LI or LGI: Local government Inspector. An NYSC officer incharge of corps members posted in certain local govt.

9. AI: Area Inspector. Nysc officer incharge of corps members posted in certain zone in a state.

10. Book of Life: This book is very important in Nysc camp; hence the name “book of life”. The book is very huge and heavy, every corps members must sign in this book before he or she leave Nysc camp, failure to do so attract a very serious sanction.

11. Double Up: This is military slangs soldiers used in Nysc camp to command corps members to run faster

12. Light Out Hour: This is a time at night that all lights must be switched off. At this time, every corps member are expected to sleep, No noise, No torch light. Just sleep. This time is usually 10:00pm every night.

13. Otondo: It is a friendly military word that soldiers often used when refering to a lazy and inexperienced corps member. It also means a novice, moron, idiot etc
The Word is usually used for fun!

14. Mami Market: This is a camp market which is located inside the Nysc camp.

15. PPA: Place of Primary Assignments. This is a place where corps members are posted to serve after camp training.

16. CDS: Community Development Service. Just as the name implies. Corps Members are expected to contribute in developing the community where they are posted to serve.

17. CDS Card: An official Nysc card where corps members attach passport photo graph. LGI sign it after the CDS meeting which usually hold once in a week, usually on Thursday.

18. PV: Payment Voucher. This is a payment clearance that is being done every month. which shows that you are still alive and active in the service. Signing it required a clearance letter from your employer. Without signing the PV you won’t recieve your allowee and your service will void.

18. CLO: Corps Liaison Officer. This is the “head corper” of the Local Government Area where you PPA fall within

20. Ghost Corpers: These are corps members that participate in the Nysc service through proxy.

21. Magical Corpers: These are corps members that do not participate in service at all but they recieve benefits for service even more than those that participate fully.

22 HSE: Health Safety Environment. A course available in NYSC.

23. NIM: National Institute of Management. A course available in NYSC.

24. Platoon: In Nysc camp, corps members are split into groups called platoons. Platoon are numbered from 1 to 10. Example; platoon1, platoon2, platoon3 … Platoon10

25. Platoon Commander or Leader: A corps member placed in charge of a Platoon.

26. Platoon Officer: An NYSC staff in charge of a platoon.

27. PMP: Project Management Professional. A professional course available in Nysc.

28. POP: Passing Out Parade. The end of your Nysc service year.

29. Posting Letter: This letter tells you where you have originally been posted.

30. SAED: Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development. A program set up by government to provide skills to corpers enabling them to start businesses after service.


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