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Dalarna University Scholarship Portal. Be informed that the Dalarna University Scholarship Portal for all Interested candidates. Dalarna University Scholarship Portal is currently onsale for all eligible Applicant who may wish to apply for the ongoing application process.

The requirements and qualifications for applying for the on going Applicant should have been Dalarna University Scholarship Portal.


How to Apply for Dalarna University Scholarship

List of Approved Courses Offered in Dalarna University

  1. Business Studies with an International Focus
  2. Data Science
  3. Business Intelligence
  4. Tourism Destination Development
    Materials Engineering and Product Development
  5. Energy Efficient Built Environment
    Solar Energy Engineering
  6. Global Sexual Reproductive Health
    Scholarship Coverage


Benefits of Dalarna University Scholarship

Dalarna University Scholarship provides the recipients with below benefits:


  1. The scholarships go directly towards a reduction in your tuition fees and will cover between 10 and 50 percent of your total tuition fees.
  2. The amount that you are awarded is automatically deducted in set amounts each semester over the duration of your program.

Note: The partial scholarships are open to fee-paying students only and The cost of one-semester full-time studies (30 credits) at Dalarna University is between 43.500 and 70.000 SEK.


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