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National Youth Service Corp is a Scheme for graduate who will go serve their father land for the period of a year. Meanwhile, there are always some documents needed for NYSC Passing Out Parade. Passing Out Parade (POP) has to do with when a Corp Member are about rounding up their Service year and there are some important document that must be presented before they will be presented the Certificate of completion.

In addition, all Corp member should do well to take note of the required document that will be needed for Passing Out Parade. Ensure all Corp member take of the documents that may be needed for POP. The date for NYSC Passing out Parade is always on their official Website. Mummylizzysblog.com.ng got you covered as always.

Corp Members Acronyms Used During NYSC Orientation

Documents Needed for NYSC Passing out Parade

The following are the needed documents that will be presented before you can be presented your certificate of completion;

  1. NYSC Identity card

The NYSC Identity Card is the major prerequisite for issuance of the NYSC Passing Out Parade Certificate. Para venture you have misplaced your NYSC ID card it is very much important that every corp member do well to get the means by which you will be identified before the Passing out parade day. Better still if your ID card is no where to be found do wll to provide it or ensure your get the Declaration Identity from from the court to enable the presentation of certificate of completion.

2. Final clearance 

The original final clearance letter issued to every corp member when you were observing your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) is highly needed during passing out parade. You need to have the original copy If not you wont you, they won’t issued the Certificate of a Service year completion. However, the original stamp must be seen on it in order to confirm the authenticity and originality of the document.

3. The attestation clearance

Here is another very important document needed during passing out parade the attestation is the one given to you in your Nysc Local Government secretariat before that day will also be requested. Ensure you go get it before the scheduled date for the NYSC Passing Out Parade.

NYSC Dress Code During Passing out Parade

  1. Crested Vest
  2. Jungle Boot
  3. Face Cap
  4. Belt
  5. Kakhi Shirt and trouser
  6. Green white green socks

How to Check NYSC Senate List and Registration Procedures

Things you must do during Passing Out Parade 

Here are what is need to be done before leaving the officials table;

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