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We will be briefing you all you need to know about FCMB Transfer Code in Nigeria for we will be able to educate every student who may be finding it difficult to transfer money to another account or to an account that needs an urgent attention. So we have tried all our best to ensure that you have a safe and fast transfer of cash to any individual you may be willing to credit his or her account on FCMB Transfer Code using the update below.

Meanwhile, you have to take cognizant of all the available FCMB Transfer Code in this platform as expected to. Note that the codes will be used to do so many other this depending on the payment you may be willing to use it for. Do well to stay in touch with us as we brief you all you need to know on FCMB USSD Code the transfer codes in Nigeria. Learn More


How to use FCMB Transfer Code – use FCMB USSD Code


  • Dial *389*214#, You will receive a welcome message from FCMB with a menu option displayed below.

1. Activate with card
2. Activate with Account
3. Activate with Mwallet

  • Choose option 2 ( activate with account), then process by sending your reply.
  • New message will pop up on the screen asking you to enter account number u want to add to the service.
  • Once you have typed your account number correctly and send reply. In a short while you will receive a message saying “Congratulations you have been successfully synchronized”
  • Now, Type *389*214# on the phone and dial
  • Click on Security, Select Change PIN to enter your default PIN and enter your new four digits PIN.
  • Please use a four digit number you can easily remember. If you use a difficult pin and forget it. It will lead to going to bank.
  • Meeting customer service agent to help you resolve it. Please secure your pin to avoid been fraud.


How to check FCMB Account Balance


  • Simply dial *389*214#, and follow instructions on the screen to complete the process.

How to buy Airtime and Subscribe from FCMB via USSD codes


  • Dial *329*amount#, example *328*200#.
  • To recharge a third party dial *329*amount*phone number# ( use this method when you want to recharge any phone number not registered with FCMB).


How to Use FCMB Cardless Withdrawal


  • Locate any FCMB ATM that has fingerprint withdrawal option enabled.
  • On the ATM, initiate the Cardless menu
  • Select fingerprint withdrawal
  • Input Account Number (NUBAN)
  • Place your right thumb on the Fingerprint scanner for 7 seconds and click proceed
  • Input amount to withdraw
  • Your fingerprint is verified and authorized for payment.
  • Then wait for the ATM to dispense cash.




With FCMB SWIFT Code you will be able to get cash from USD to Naira Account using the code below



How to Find FCMB SWIFT Code


  • You should be able to find your SWIFT code in your cheque book or on your cheques. You can find your SWIFT/BIC code using the SWIFT code finder on this page, or by checking your bank account statements.


How to Apply for FCMB Business 


  • You will need to fill in a loan application form and provide supporting documents, such as:
  • Your company’s profile Bank statements Details about the collateral you are willing to offer
  • Proof of your address Your business plan Means of identification Cash flow budget

FCMB Loan Requirements


  • You are an active customer of the bank
  • You have a business or corporate account in Jaiz Bank
  • You have a registered business or company
  • You have a good Credit Bureau Report
  • You have been trading for some time (one to three years should be enough)

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