Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes 2023 – Fidelity Bank USSD Codes – – Check Account Balance, Number & Buy Airtime (Updated)

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If you have been searching for Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes you are right at the right place for now we will be We will be briefing you all you need to know about Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes in Nigeria for we will be able to educate every student who may be finding it difficult to transfer money to another account or to an account that needs an urgent attention. So we have tried all our best to ensure that you have a safe and fast transfer of cash to any individual you may be willing to credit his or her account on Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes  using the update below.

Also, you have to take cognizant of all the available Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes in this platform as expected to. Note that the codes will be used to do so many other this depending on the payment you may be willing to use it for. Do well to stay in touch with us as we brief you all you need to know on Fidelity Bank USSD Code Transfer codes in Nigeria. Learn More


How to Use Fidelity Bank USSD Code Transfer codes in Nigeria – Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes


  • Simply dial this *770*Account number*Amount#; e.g *770*1234567890*10000# to transfer N10,000.
  • Now select beneficiary bank name.
  • Proceed and enter your transfer pin code to approve transaction. Here recipient details will be displayed on confirmation, transaction will be completed and authorized.


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How to Buy Airtime via Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes


To recharge your phone;

  • simply dial  *770*amount# 
  • Then press send
  • You will receive a short message as soon as possible (note that you will have a fee deducted for airtym purchase)


What is Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes Current Billing Fees? 

Below are the new fee for Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes for balance check; 

For Balance Enquiry

  • Intra-bank Transfer – 50
  • Internet bank Transfer – 50
  • Bill Payments – 105

How do I Buy Data using Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes?


  • Simply dial *770# on your phone.
  • Then select one and enter your fidelity bank NUBAN account number.
  • Now your 4 digit pin to authorize your transactions.
  • Now you can start enjoying instantly mobile banking using ussd code.
  • You’re good to go.


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Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes for Cardless Withdrawal Codes

  • Simply dial “*770*8*Amount#” on your registered sim card. Example – If you want to withdraw 10,000 naira *770*8*10,000#.
  • Do well to follow the instructions on screen to generate an otp ( one time password to cash out from the ATM).
  • Once the OTP have been generated locate any nearby ATM.
  • Then press Enter button or any button on the ATM.
  • Now Select Pay code.
  • Proceed to enter your OTP and complete the next instructions.
  • Enter the amount you requested for withdrawal, then your ATM card pin.
  • Finally wait patiently for the ATM to pay you.


Fidelity Bank SWIFT Code


Swift code to enable you receive USD to Nigeria bank;




Fidelity Bank Transfer Limit


  • Note that the daily cumulative limit of Fidelity Bank USSD transfer code is 100,000 naira. In order words, this means that you are eligible to make transactions not more than 100,000 naira per day.
  • On the other hand, transactions above you need mobile app.


Fidelity Bank Loan Requirements


  • You are an active customer of the bank
  • You have a business or corporate account in Sterling Bank
  • You have a registered business or company
  • You have a good Credit Bureau Report
  • You have been trading for some time (one to three years should be enough)


How to Apply for Fidelity Bank Business


  • You will need to fill in a loan application form and provide supporting documents, such as:
  • Your company’s profile Bank statements Details about the collateral you are willing to offer
  • Proof of your address Your business plan Means of identification Cash flow budget

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