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FUOYE Postgraduate Admission Form is currently on sale for all eligible Applicant who wish to apply for the ongoing application process. All eligible Applicant should do well to note the requirements for online application form. The management is ensuring that all Applicant should take the right process for online application form process.

It’s very important that the ongoing application process for all Applicant for FUOYE Postgraduate Admission Form must be taking into consideration. Also the screening exam, process of FUOYE transcript and Application Deadline.

How to Apply for FUOYE Postgraduate Admission Form


FUOYE Postgraduate Admission Form Requirements



These programmes are available to holders of Master degrees, with a minimum of 60% score in their Master degree programmes.


  1. Candidates who score between 55.00% and 59.99% Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at Master’s level can apply for admission into the M.Phil/Ph.D programme on full-time basis.
  2. The programme runs for a period of 12 calendar months after which the candidate, on good performance can transit to the Ph.D programme.
  3. Candidates in this category are eligible for conversion to Ph.D. candidature, following a progress assessment report to be made by a Panel of Examiners at the end of the first session of registration.
  4. Candidates must score not less than 60% (aggregate) at the end of the first session to be eligible for conversion for the Ph.D. programme.



  1. A candidate applying for the Master’s degree programme must have made a minimum of Second Class (Lower Division) in his/her Bachelor’s degree programme.
  2. Master’s degree programmes run for a minimum period of a year (12 calendar months; that is, two semesters) and a maximum period of two years (24 calendar months; that is, four semesters) for full-time candidates OR a minimum period of two (2) years (24 calendar months; that is, four semesters) and a maximum period of 36 calendar months; (that is, six semesters) for part-time candidates depending on the peculiarities of the Department.
  3. All Master’s Degree Programmes are by course work in addition to a research work/report at the end of which a dissertation is produced.



How to Apply for FUOYE Postgraduate Admission Form Requirements


List of Approved FUOYE Postgraduate Courses


Department Programme

Dept. of Agric. Economics & Extension M. Agric & Ph.D
Dept. of Animal Production & Health M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Crop Science & Horticulture M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Food Science and Technology M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Soil & Land Management M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Water Resources and Agro-Meteorology M.Sc & Ph.D


Department Programme

Dept. of English Language M.A & Ph.D
Dept. of Theatre and Media Arts M.A & Ph.D

Department Programme

Dept. of Agriculture and Bio-Resources Engineering M. Eng & Ph.D
Dept. of Civil Engineering M. Eng & Ph.D
Dept. of Computer Engineering M. Eng & Ph.D
Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering M. Eng & Ph.D
Dept. of Material and Metallurgical Engineering M. Eng & Ph.D
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering M. Eng & Ph.D
Dept. of Mechatronics Engineering M. Eng & Ph.D

Department Programme

Dept. of Animal and Environmental Biology M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Biochemistry M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Computer Science M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Geology M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Geophysics M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Industrial Chemistry M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Mathematics M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Microbiology M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Physics M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Plant Science and Biotechnology M.Sc & Ph.D


Department Programme

Dept. of Demography and Social Statistics M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Economics M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Psychology M.Sc & Ph.D
Dept. of Sociology M.Sc & Ph.D


How to Apply for FUOYE Postgraduate Admission Form Requirements



  1. Applicants are to note that, a programme automatically lapses at the expiration of the maximum duration for each programme. However, a candidate may apply for an extension of not more than 12 months.
  2. Candidates in regular employment must submit with their applications, formal letter of release for postgraduate studies issued by their employers.
  3. Also, all applicants who are not graduates of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) must request their former Universities or
  4. institutions to forward directly to the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies the academic transcripts of their First Degrees or Master’s degree with respect to applicants for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees, respectively.


How to Apply for FUOYE Postgraduate Admission Form

Application Payment Fees

Candidates should pay a sum fifteen thousand naira (N15,000.00) through REMITA platform MDA: Federal University Oye Ekiti- 1000134.
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0320496861013


How to Apply for FUOYE Postgraduate Admission Form Requirements


  1. Procedure:
    Go to
    On the home page displayed, click Application Instruction and read carefully.
  2. Click on apply now to start new application or click on login to continue application after payment.
  3. Use your Application Number as username and SURNAME as password. Carefully type in your
  4. Application Number as any error committed will not allow your details to be displayed. Thereafter,
  5. Candidates should click OK button on the dialog box displayed and enter your names.
  6. After Login, click on Continue Registration link on the main menu.
    Fill in your other bio-data and necessary details truthfully on the webpage.
  7. All candidates should upload their Passports pictures by clicking on Browse button and select your picture. Your Passport pictures must not be more than 20KB.
  8. On completion of bio-data, click on Next Step button then click OK on the message dialog box.
  9. All candidates should complete the programme of choice and click on Save then click OK on the message dialog box.
  10. On completion of choice of programme click Next Step button.

FUOYE Application Deadline

  • This application shall close six (6) weeks from the date of this publication. (Monday, 25 April 2022)

Application Portal



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