Jobs You Can Do Without a Work Permit In Canada

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Many jobs in Canada require a work permit, which is typically provided by the employer. However, there are some types of work that may be able to be done in Canada without a work permit. 

In this article, I will identify some popular jobs which you may wish to consider in Canada, even without obtaining a work permit.

Whether you are an international citizen or simply looking for ways to earn money in Canada without a work permit, there are options available for you to consider. Read on, to find works available in Canada that do not necessarily require a work permit.


Jobs You Can Do without A Work Permit in Canada


In this section of the article, I will be identifying most of the popular jobs you may want to consider in Canada even without having a work permit. If you find yourself qualified for each of these jobs, you can maximize the specific job, respectively.

  • Clergies

Clergy, or religious leaders, often travel to various locations and countries around the world to host religious conferences and programs. In opportunities like this, it is possible to enter Canada without a work permit. This can be a beneficial option for clergies who are local but gaining international recognition.

  • Army/Special Forces

Countries with strong military capabilities often send a significant number of military personnel to countries facing ethnic crises or conflicts. 

This is a common practice in today’s world, and as a member of the military, you may be able to secure a job in Canada without a work permit. 

The military plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of nations, and the ability to work in Canada without a work permit can allow you to contribute to these efforts.

  • In-house business visitors

It is common for businesses to host internal visitors, both from within the country and from abroad. 

If you are visiting a Canadian company for business purposes, you do not need to concern yourself with obtaining a work permit. This allows you to focus on the purpose of your visit, whether it be for meetings, training, or other business-related activities, without the added burden of obtaining a work permit. 

This is especially convenient for those who may only be in the country for a short period of time and do not need to engage in long-term employment.

  • Event Planning and Decoration

If you possess certain skills, such as the ability to plan and organize events, you may be offered work abroad, particularly if you are known for exhibiting a high level of professionalism. 

These types of skills are in demand and can lead to opportunities to work on a variety of events, both domestically and internationally. 

Whether you are an experienced event planner or just starting out in the field, demonstrating a level of expertise and professionalism can open doors to exciting work opportunities.

  • Athletes

As an athlete, you may not always need a work permit to participate in sports events. However, this can depend on the circumstances of your trip. 

If you are traveling to Canada without any prior arrangements, you may need to obtain a visa. 

On the other hand, if you are traveling to Canada as part of a team that has been organized by sports management, you may not need a work permit.

  • Sport officials

Sports officials such as referees are not required to have a work permit in order to secure a job in Canada. 

In today’s sports world, there is a constant need for referees and other officials to oversee the games being played. 

If you are selected to fulfill one of these roles, you will be able to accept the position without the need for a work permit. 

  • Emergency operations provide

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many medical professionals were required to travel to other countries to provide assistance. 

Today, there are still numerous emergency service providers available, including those in the medical field as well as appraisers and insurance adjusters with provincial licenses. 

These professionals play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals receive the necessary care and support in times of crisis.

  • Public Speaker

Public speakers, such as celebrities and seminarians, may not always need a work permit to work in Canada. 

Many well-known individuals who often perform on stage in Canada and other countries do not typically have to obtain a work permit to do so.

Can I Get a Job Without A Work Permit in Canada?


It is possible to work in Canada without a work permit in certain circumstances. 

For example, if you are a clergyman traveling to conduct religious conferences or programs, a public speaker such as a celebrity or seminarian, an in-house business visitor for a Canadian company, an event planner or decorator hired for special occasions like trade shows or exhibitions, an emergency operation provider such as a medical professional or appraiser with a provincial license, and so on.


How Much Can I Get from Jobs that Don’t Require a Work Permit?


I can’t provide a specific answer to this question as the amount that you can earn from a job that does not require a work permit can vary widely depending on various factors such as your level of experience, the specific industry you are working in, and the location in which you are working.




There are a number of occupations and circumstances in which individuals may be able to work in Canada without a work permit. 

These can include clergymen traveling to conduct religious conferences or programs, public speakers such as celebrities or seminarians, in-house business visitors for a Canadian company, and so on. 

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