How to Make Money as a Student of Nigeria Universities (2023)

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Most students should know that there is no need asking their parents for cash so long they learn How to Make Money as a Student of Nigeria Universities. Therefore, we have been able to list out what will be a source of income for your lively hood.

Some ways on How to Make Money as a Student of Nigeria Universities may be used my smartphone, Computer or other equipment. Other says to on How to Make Money as a Student of Nigeria Universities or Tertiary Institution.

How to Make Money as a Student of Nigeria Universities

Things to do do Ways to Make Money as a Student of Nigeria Universities

The following are the ways how one can make money without asking from parents or anyone;

As a freelancer you get to write Articles for owners of blogs and website at the end of the month you are paid some amount of money. On the there hand, you get to create your own blog and earn from it.

You snap pictures and get cash after snapping your colleagues in school or church. It’s a lucrative business that’s also done once you graduate from the Institution.

Graphics Designer
Computer is used to design a product or any other information that should be sent to the general public. The design could be used to market an information to the general public. As a student after designing you get paid for designing either a logo, poster or hand bill.

Market Books
Get useful books with captivating and attractive titles of relevance to academics from authors and sell them to students on campus. The authors of the books give out these books with a particular percentage discount. After the sales of these books, the discount becomes yours while the remaining amount is remitted to the author.

Get A Part-time Job
A part-time job takes part of the day. You can attend lectures in the morning and do an evening part-time job. Also, part-time jobs could be done during lectures-free periods. The location of such office should be close to the campus to ease frequent movement.

Render Computer Services
Start up a computer service-providing business on campus. Every students on campus, including lecturers need a type setting service for typing of assignments, reports, projects, handouts and other publications. Your services should also include photocopying and lamination. These are services that are commonly needed on campus.

House Agent
The numbers of students who would prefer to stay off campus are always more than the ones who want to live in the hostel. You can become a house agent to fresher’s who have just had admission into the institution but do not live close to the campus. By doing this, such student would have to pay an agency fee to you and you can make money out of this.

Other Ways to Make Money as a Student of Nigeria Universities

Own a Charging Booth
This business can be done after lectures, around the school environment if not necessarily inside the campus. Students cannot stand the chance of carrying a phone with which the battery is totally down for a long time and as such you can make money from a charging booth if well strategized.

Money can be made through Hair Braiding and Styling
Majority of females on campus make their hair. If you have acquired the skill of being a hair stylist, you can make money from it as a student. Do your braiding at a lower rate or amount than what others get. This should be done at lecture-free periods and weekends.

Run a Livestock Business
This can be a poultry farm (birds), fish pond, snails, etc. Rearing livestock can be managed such that it does not conflict with lecture schedules; and a reasonable amount of money can be made as profit. It is very lucrative.

Repairs of Mobile Phones, Laptop and other Electronic Devices
Acquire the skill if you have not or maximize it if you had acquired. Almost everybody owns a mobile phone or one type of electronic device which will certainly develop a fault one day. Make notice of your skill to the public. You can make the repairs at free periods and get some money.

Sell out that skill you have acquired
You can transfer the knowledge you had acquired on a particular skill to other people and in turn, get paid. Organize seminars on skill acquisition for students on campus with a minimal charge per student. The charges could come inform of registration for certification.

Cosmetics Production
Every human being use cosmetics every day. Acquire the skill of body cream, hair cream, perfume, shampoo, soap and powder production. Make your product outstandingly different in order to be able to convince your buyers that your product is as good as the ones in the market.

The Online-Registration Business
These days, registration forms are basically sold, filled and submitted online. Get access to all sites in operation, register people and make your money.

Dress Mending and Re-shaping
Lots of people do not put on dresses the way they came from the market, especially young people. They would want to re-shape these dresses to suit their taste. You can own a sewing machine for mending dresses or re-shaping them, since dress making may be time consuming.

Make Money through Baking and Confectioneries
Bake cakes and prepare confectioneries for people who want to celebrate birthday, wedding, anniversaries, etc. These occasions frequently come up and as such, money can be made from them.

Art Work
Develop quality potential skills in fine art. Produce some beautiful and attractive works of art for sale. This could come in form of portraits, writings, paintings, drawings, etc.

Be a Make-up Professional
The knowledge of a coordinating and standardized make-up can become a very good source of income to you. Special make-up professionals are usually hired to deliver their services in occasions like wedding ceremonies, birthdays, child dedications, anniversaries and including movie production.

Some events or occasions require decorations. You can make money from decorating church halls, wedding halls, reception ground, party halls, etc.

This best suits the males. Acquire the skill of installing air conditioners, mobile applications, etc.

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