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The NJFP Recruitment and Job Vacancy that was recently lunched by President Buhari on September 6 2022 is opened for all graduate who which to take cognizant of the NJFP recruitment programme. The scheme is called Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme for graduate that has done NYSC. This is a great opportunity for everyone that had been long waiting for job opportunities. Who knows you may be lucky on this one. Well it’s only meant for only 20,000 Applicant needed. It is therefore important one should not miss this given opportunity before the deadline or closing date.

The Programme is meant to help Post NYSC graduate to be gainfully employed for the next 50 years that’s why it’s called Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme. It is therefore important that you get ready to apply so long you go the basic requirements we will be showing you in this update. The benefits, requirements and qualifications to apply for NJFP Recruitment  Form Portal are all list below.


How to Apply for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Post NYSC Job Scheme 

General Eligibility for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

To be an eligible fellow, you must;

  • Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Be a fresh graduate (Bachelor’s Degree) from any discipline and graduated not earlier than 2017.
  • Be at most 30 years old.
  • Not currently engaged in any employment.
  • Have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) OR have a certificate of exemption from the NYSC.
  • Demonstrate interest/commitment in chosen career field.
  • Demonstrate interest/commitment to contributing to Nigeria’s socio-economic development.
  • Have excellent time management and a professional attitude.
  • Have good verbal and written communication skills.

Other Requirements for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

To be an eligible host organization, you must;

  1. Provision up-to-date regulatory documentation including –
  2. CAC Certificate of Registration
  3. Provision of official letter of interest detailing a clear understanding of the objectives of the NJFP and commitment to supporting the program by accepting fellow placements.
  4. Provision of clear descriptions of available role requirements.
  5. Agreement to provide mentorship support to fellows through dedicated sessions with existing experienced professional within their organizations.
  6. Agreement to abide by the guidelines of the program and to sign a code of conduct.
  7. Have non-discrimination policies on gender, ethnicity, religion and disability status, as well as policies against sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse (PSHEA).
  8. Have no criminal records or conviction or any affiliation with proscribed organizations ie, terrorists, drug traffickers, illicit trade, child labour.

Benefit of Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

The following are what you stand to benefit from the newly luched programme;

  • Improved brand image

Boosting your corporate social responsibility work and by showing commitment to give back to the community engagement in the programme will contribute to a positive brand image for your organization.

  • Expanded network

Youwill be a part of the NJFP network of national and regional private and public sector entities as well gain access to an expanded pool of experienced, employable young Nigerian expertise to draw from.

  • Increased policy influence

 Access to a national platform for deliberative public policy reform discussions on education, employment and relevant industry policy issues.

About Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

The following are things to note about NJFP;

  • Transparency and accountability are cornerstones of the NJFP. The programme is equipped with a robust financial management system and internal controls to enable financial transfers to be made directly to participating youth. Programme management, procurement and outsourcing are monitored and audited with a unique Monitoring and Evaluation framework to ensure the NJFP stays accountable to its participants, partners and long-term objectives.
  • The programme will serve all of Nigeria – from North to South and East to West – ensuring that organisations and youth from all corners of the country can participate through merit-based selection.
  • The NJFP is committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and wants to support sectors and industries that play an important role in building the future of Nigeria. The programme targets a broad range of sectors including the start-up economy, innovation and creative industries, the digital and technology sector, the green economy sector, financial services, key public and international development institutions, research and development, agriculture, real estate, construction, transportation, and health services. In other words, there is a place for every organisation in this programme.

Stages for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme 

  • Expression of Interest

Call for expression of interest for organizations to participate in the program

  • Employer Need Assessment

Assessment of capacity and skill demand for host organization

  • Matching with Fellows

Matching, short-listing and recruitment of fellows to job opportunities at the host organizations

  • Fellows Onboarding

Tailor-made curriculum and support for high-quality onboarding of Fellows in the host organizations

  • Fellows deployment

Placement of Fellows in host organizations including on and off training, skills and developing, etc.

  • Fellows Offboarding

Support with job search, entrepreneurship possibilities or retainment of Fellows in host organization.

Notice to NJFP Programme Applicant

  • The NJFP is a youth empowerment partnership initiative between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United Nations Development Programme.
  • As a fully paid post-National Youth Service Corps work placement programme, NFJP would provide an opportunity for mentors who were already engaged in various industries, gained relevant experience and built capacity over the years to provide mentorship and support for young Nigerians.
  •  The aim of the programme is to create new opportunities for 20,000 recent graduates annually as the beneficiaries will use the opportunities presented to them and maximize their 12 months of engagement.
  • Job experience is not required for participants to benefit from the programme.
  • The programme serves all of Nigeria – from North to South and East to West – ensuring that organisations and youth from all corners of the country can participate.
  • NJFP employs fresh graduates (Bachelor’s Degree) from any discipline and graduated not earlier than 2017.
  • Participants should be at most 30 years old.
  • Host organisations can also apply, to enable them offer mentorship to the fellows.
  • Corporate Affairs Commission Certificate of Registration is required for host organisations to apply.
  • Registration for the first cohort begins 6th of September.

NJFP Application Form portal News Update

President Buhari in his remarks at the ceremony, which was held at the presidential villa, Abuja, assured that the programme would provide an opportunity for mentors already engaged in various industries with relevant experience and built capacity over the years to provide mentorship and support for young Nigerians.

According to him, “Beyond the skills and work experience, we will be building a new culture of mentorship and guidance that can chart a new course for skills development and work experience in our country.

How to Apply for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

  • A quick visit to NJFP Application Form @
  • Then get to Create and account using email and password
  • Thereafter, fill information correctly
  • Upload all documents
  • Finally submit

 Note:  You will receive a message if you are shortlisted for the job. Ensure you have a working email and phone number so as to complete application and receive update.

Post NYSC Job searches Official Website


Application Instructions

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme application for fellows is divided into 7 sections; personal information, educational background, professional experience, personal statement, document upload, application preview and submission.

Each section must be completed in order for your application to be valid.

Each section allows you to save your progress and continue at a later time. As a prospective fellow, you are required to upload your CV/Resumea means of identification (either one of driver’s license, international passport or national identification card)degree certificate and NYSC certificate or exemption letter. Without these documents uploaded, your application will not be considered valid. Ensure that all required documents are made available before commencing the application.

The submission section is the final step required to submit your application. You should always remember to click the “Save” button in each section to save your progress and the “Submit” button in the “Submit Application” to submit your application.


Warning to Applicant


The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme does not charge a fee at any stage of the application or work placement process.

The NJFP wishes to warn applicants about any fraudulent activities being perpetrated purportedly in the name of the NJFP, and/or its officials, and strongly recommend applicants to exercise caution and report any suspected fraudulent activities to local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.

Good luck!!!!

Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme Deadline

  • Application Form opens and deployment ongoing.

Application Portal


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Kindly do well to make good use of the comments box below to ask questions as required.

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