Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary Structure (2023)

Are you in search of Nigerian Navy Salary Structure? We want to let you know what Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary Structure is. Yes they are been paid monthly. Both the monthly and the sum total for a year is what we will be reviewing to you in this update. Do well go through the ranks and the benefit of both commissioned and Non Commissioned Officers.

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Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary Structure

List of Nigerian Navy Ranks of Comissioned Officers


The commissioned officers for the Nigerian Navy are as follows:


  1. Admiral of the Fleet
  2. Admiral
  3. Vice-Admiral
  4. Rear Admiral Commodore
  5. Captain
  6. Commander
  7. Lieutenant Commander
  8. Lieutenant
  9. Sub-Lieutenant
  10. Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  11. Mid-Shipman


List of Nigerian Navy Ranks of Non- Comissioned Officers


The salaries of Naval Officers are determined by their ranks and is also based on whether they are commissioned or non commissioned officers.

There are seven ranks of the non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy Includes;


  1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  2. Chief Petty Officer
  3. Petty Officer
  4. Leading Rating
  5. Able Rating
  6. Ordinary Rating
  7. Trainee


Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary Structure of Officers


The categories and ranks of the Navy, with their respective salaries, are thus as follows;



1 Admiral of the Fleet Yet to be attained
2 Admiral N1,358,595
3 Vice Admiral N1,113,602
4 Rear Admiral N1,003,245
5 Commodore N615,488
6 Captain N309,654
7 Commander N281,673


Nigerian Navy Perks and Benefits

Just like other armed forces, there are other benefits aside from the monthly salaries paid to naval officers, and these benefits are; travel, stable employment, career growth, improved physique, free healthcare, and unique experience benefits.

Naval Officers Average Salary Structure for vacant positions

Marine Engineer – ₦ 95,000
Naval Engineer – ₦ 229,000
ICT Security Expert – ₦ 79,000
Communicator – ₦ 51,000
Navy Recruit – ₦ 76,000

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