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Nile University Scholarship Portal 2021/2022 Application Available – Apply Here


Nile University Scholarship Portal 2022/2022 is ongoing and opened to all interested applicant which to take this great opportunity to study abroad. There are some requirements for application via the Nile University Scholarship Portal. Stay put as we give you all you need to know about the ongoing programme.

Nile University Scholarship Portal is the official Registration platform for all candidates.  Are you a graduate student undertaking graduate study at the Nile Universityof Nigeria. This scholarship is available to high achieving students to study at the Nile University Scholarship. Keep reading for more Juicy details.

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How to Apply for Nile University Scholarship Portal Registration


General Eligibility for Nile University Scholarship Portal for Undergraduate


All Applicant must possess the following qualifications and requirements before going about the online application. The following are the requirements; 

  1. You must pass all courses at the end of the session -CGPA must be at least 3.50 / 5.00 at the end of the session
  2. You must complete your studies within the time limit. Also, you must not participate in any act of guilt or disciplinary act.
  3. The university reserves the right to terminate its scholarship if the need arises.
  4. All countries dents are eligible to apply for the Nile University of Nigeria scholarship and International award.

Postgraduate Candidates Discount


  • First-class graduates of NILE will be offered 50% scholarships.
  • NILE second class upper graduates will be offered a 40% scholarship.
  • NILE second-class lower graduates will be offered a 30% scholarship


Nile University Scholarship Registration Discount for Undergraduate


  1. For Medicine and Law, a JAMB score of 260 attracts a 10% discount, 270 attracts a 20% discount, and 280 attracts a 30% discount and so forth. No discount for WAEC results.
  2. For other Departments, a JAMB score of 230 attracts a 10% discount, 240 score attracts a 20% discount, and 250 score attracts a 30% discount and so forth.
  3. Also, for other departments excluding law and medicine, WASSCE/WAEC grades of 4 A’s attracts 10% discount, 5 A’s attracts 20%, 6 A’s attracts 30% and so forth.
  4. Students with 4 A’s and above in WASSCE together with a JAMB score of 300 and above will get a 100% scholarship.

Other Important Information to Note on NUN Scholarship


  1. Apart from the above offer, students will only be allowed to use either JAMB or WASSCE results but not both. Also, all scholarships are offered to a limited number of students for each department. They include:
  2. Students with outstanding performance in sports at the national or professional level will get up-to 100% scholarship if they participate in the NUN team.
  3. International Olympiads (IMO, IPHO, ICHO, IBO, IOI. PAMO) participants will be offered a 50% scholarship while medalists will get 100% SCHOLARSHIP
Nile University Scholarship Portal

How to Apply for Nile University Scholarship Portal Registration


  • First of all Applicant should visit the Nile University Portal @
  • The proceed to fill the necessary documents

Each candidate should submit:

  1. Completed and Signed Application Form,
  2. Copy of Official Senior Secondary School Transcript,
  3. Copy of Official Senior Secondary School Certificate,
  4. Also copies of Official Examination Results,
  5. Guarantor’s Letter/attestation of Financial Support,
  6. Medical Report & Immunization records,
  7. Letter of Recommendation from Secondary School Counsel/Principal,
  8. Recent Photographs documents to the admission office.

Note: All applicant should ensure they fill in the correct information about themselves in other not to have any form of error in their documents.

Apply Here

Nile University Scholarship Portal



Other Discount Available for Nile University Scholarship Programme


It is important to note that parents will receive the following discount if they have more than one child in NUN. Repair

  • 2 children – 10% reduction for each child
  • 3 children – 15% reduction for each child
  • 4 children – 20% reduction for each child
  • 5 children and more: 25% reduction for each child.
  • Specifically, only one (1) immediate family member (child or woman) of NUN staff will receive a 50% discount.
  • Though the discount will continue as long as the staff continues to work with the university.

Note: The NUN BOT determines the amount of the discount for family members of foreign personnel.

Nile University Scholarship Registration Date and Deadline

The Nile university Application Portal Is not open yet we will get you informed when it is opened for Registration. Do well to stay in touch with us as we give you the details of the programme.

Do well to make good use of the comment box below for relevant comments and contributions on Nile University Scholarship Portal. 

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