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NYSC Batch A POP Date

The date for the next passing out parade has been fixed for Corp Members in question. The NYSC Batch B Stream I POP Date and winding-up date has been fixed to be slated on the 23rd JUNE 2022. All Corp Members would require to follow the guidelines below. Do well to go through the process and each date Guidelines.

All NYSC POP preparations should be done as expected by ensuring you note the documents that are needed for NYSC Passing out parade as expected. The NYSC Batch B Stream I POP Date is listed below, do well to keep reading for more Juicy update on NYSC Orientation, NYSC Registration portal, NYSC senate list Checker and many more.

New Documents Needed for Passing Out Parade

NYSC Batch B POP Date 2021 – NYSC Winding Date

Given the circumstances of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the required protocol for social/physical distancing, below is the programme of activities:


  • Release of Passing-Out Corps Members by Employers
  • Registration/Clearing of Corps Members by Local Government Inspectors


  • Distribution of Certificates of National Service to deserving Corps Members at the Local Government level.


Note : The passing out parade (POP) is strictly for 2021 Batch B Stream 1. While Batch B stream II will await POP in the month of  August 2022. (POP Dates may be subject to change ensure you keep staying in touch with us for the latest Passing Out Parade Date)

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NYSC Batch B 2022 Stream I Registration Date

The question that is always asked is when will NYSC portal be opened for registration? 

The portal will be open soon. Thereafter, the NYSC portal will be closed. Get your self prepared but due to industrial strike action there will be delay for the Batch B stream I orientation course 2022. After the strike is of then NYSC portal is gonna be opened for registration for batch B stream l 2022 PCMs. Stay in touch for  Registration and orientation course Date.
Meanwhile, the NYSC Orientation Camp as been scheduled to start immediately 2022 Batch B stream 1 Registration ends.
Stay in touch with the NYSC official website as they open the Portal for official Registration.
This was said by the Director General of NYSC. He stated that all covid 19 protocol must be observed and those going to camp must undergo the test and take the Vaccine jab before going into the camp for the NYSC Orientation exercise.
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Wishing you a very safe and successful exercise. For further questions please use the comments box below. 
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