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NYSC Batch C Registration Requirements for camping and for  online registration are all listed below. Most prospective Corp Members are always worried or ask the questions on what are the requirements for NYSC Camp registration on the NYSC official Portal.

The NYSC Registration portal is always opened for fresh Registration. The NYSC Batch C Stream 2 2021 is the next to register and to serve and have their orientation camp as expected. We will be giving you the details generally on what you need take to camp as the documents and equipment to take to camp. Keep reading as we bring you juicy details how NYSC Registration Documents for camp and for online registration.


NYSC Batch C Registration Requirements Stream 2 for Camp


Here are the compursory NYSC camp requirements for registration;

The documents below are Compulsory (If you arrive in the NYSC camp with none of them, you will not be registered by the camp officials)


  • Final year ID card

You need to go with the original and two (2) photocopies. To get a ‘final year ID card. go to the Directorate of Students’ Affairs in your school, and a request for one. NYSC also accepts School ID Card instead of final year ID card. But will not accept departmental ID card. NYSC Batch C Stream II Registration Requirements and NYSC Camping Check List for camping and for  online registration are all listed for Most prospective Corp Members


You need to go with the original and four (4) photocopies of your Degree or HND statement of result. If you have the original certificate itself, better. But if you don’t, just go with the statement of result.

If you do not have your statement of result, do not go to the NYSC camp. For foreign trained graduates, you must present the original certificate itself.

Besides that, persons who graduated from Polytechnic within Nigeria should go with both ND and HND statement of results.

Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Optometrists or other medical profession, should go to camp along with the original of registration certificate with the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board or Optometrist Registration Council and evidence of completion of houseman-ship or internship.


  •  NYSC Call-up letter

Never forget your call-up letter! You need to go with the original and four (4) photocopies. NYSC will send this letter to you a few days after online registration.

Please, DO NOT laminate your call-up letter because NYSC will reject a laminated copy.

  • NYSC Green card

Please, do not forget your Green Card. Go with the original and four (4) photocopies. Green Card is the online print-out slip after NYSC online registration. Also, Do NOT laminate it!

Note: the Green Card and call-up letter are to be printed out in colored.

  • Recent passport photograph

Please, go with eight (8) copies. The background color should be white or off-white. Don’t listen to anyone that says you should go with over eight copies.

  • Medical Certificate of Fitness

Go with two (2) copies of a medical certificate of fitness got from any government hospital or military clinic in Nigeria.

  • Uploaded Documents

Foreign trained graduates should go to camp with the original of all documents they uploaded during online registration.

 How to Check NYSC Senate List for & NYSC Registration Requirements

Essential NYSC camp Registration Requirement and NYSC Camping Check List


Things listed below are not compulsorily needed in NYSC camp but they are essential for personal comfort.

  • White round-necked T-shirts

This outfit is worn everyday throughout the 21-days stay in the NYSC camp. NYSC will give you only

2 these two are of poor quality and may not size you. Also, you may not enjoy wearing only 2 shirts for 3 weeks in camp that you will stay in camp. NYSC Batch A Registration Requirements and Camp Check List.

  • White shorts

NYSC will also give you 2 pair of shorts, but of poor quality and may not size you. You need like extra pairs so as not to be stranded if it tears.

  •   Whitetennis shoes & white socks

NYSC will provide this, but it’s advisable you get an extra one pair for yourself.

  • Tea or beverages

This is very important for those who would not like the camp watery tea. Some people collect camp tea and then add some spoons from their own tea to make it tick.


  • Toiletries

Antiseptics, insecticides, towel, sanitary pads, pampas, etc. These are essential to help protect you from infections and skin infections. 

  • Mosquitoes Net is very important in NYSC camp

This is very important, I know you wouldn’t like to go to camp and fall sick. Mosquitoes net will protect you from mosquitoes and other camp insects. Take one net with you and rope to tie it to your bunk.

  •  You need Some cash in NYSC camp

You need to go to camp with some cash, there are too many things that cost money in camp. Things like, food, charging phone, taking pictures, laundries, etc.

Also, go with at least N20,000, and also with your ATM card, because there are ATMs in some camp.

  •  Torchlight in NYSC camp

Don’t say you will use your phone touch! Torchlight is important; make sure you buy rechargeable ones.

  • You will need Waist Pouch in NYSC camp

Waste bag or pouch is essential. This will serve as your money keeper, and also as a locker for important items such as phones, money, ID card, keys, ATM cards, and more.

  • Padlocks

It’s important in NYSC camp
You need a padlock to lock your boxes and bags to prevent camp thieves from gaining access to your properties. NYSC Batch C Stream II Registration Requirements Is available for PCMs 

There are many people who lost many valuable things to the NYSC camp thieves. I know you wouldn’t want to fall a victim.

  • Your phone and power bank in NYSC camp

This is important for communication. If you don’t have a power bank or cell phone, please get one.

NYSC Batch A POP Date 2021 & NYSC Winding-up Date | NYSC Registration Portal Opening Date

 Other Important Things Needed in NYSC camp


  • You can buy other things like bed sheets, pillow, bucket and other big things from mammy market (camp market) to avoid overloading yourself.
  • A pair of NYSC white tennis shoes.
  • Antiseptics/disinfectants.
  • Bed items such as bedspread/sheets, pillowcase, pillow and a wrapper or blanket.
  • Books you can read during your free time in camp.
  • Bucket
  • Dish set such a food flask, spoon, and a drinking cup or flask.
  • Dishwashing agent
  • File Jackets
  • Flashlight (Torchlight)/Rechargeable lamps. If you are going with a flashlight that uses batteries, you should do we to take enough batteries with you.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Medical kit containing medications such as multivitamins, analgesics or pain relievers, antibiotics, prescription tablets for malaria, anti-purging pills, and other medicines that you need to cope (especially if you know you have some conditions), cotton wool, plasters, methylated spirit, Robb and other things you think you might personally need.
  • Money and ATM Cards (you should have some money on you because you might need one or two things and you will not want to start borrowing at camp).
  • Phone charger/Power bank. If possible you can go with an extra battery for your mobile phone or smartphone.
  • Plain white sneakers or tennis shoes
  • Provisions
  • Rubber slippers
  • Stationery
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • White round neck T-shirt
  • Treated mosquito net.
  • Underwear (take enough with you that will be sufficient for the period of your stay in camp)
  • Waist Pouch.
  • White shorts
  • White socks


Note that the above are list of things needed in NYSC camp for registration and NYSC Batch C Registration Requirements for well to ask questions were necessary and it will be answered. NYSC Batch C Registration Requirements.

Do well to make good use of the comments box below to ask questions as required. Ensure you rate this update and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. is here to serve you well as expected.

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