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The question that runs in the head of all Prospective Corp Members as regards NYSC Corp Member State Allawee has been what the what is the List of state that pays higher during NYSC service year. Now, you may have been searching for this update for long you are good to know that you are highly in the right place. Therefore, keep reading for more details on various States and the amount that is paid.

NYSC pays 33,000 naira while each states Corp Members receive a stipulated amount of money depending on what the state government pays. Keep reading for more details on NYSC Corp Member State Allawee. 


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List of NYSC Corp Member State Allawee and Amount Paid



NYSC Corp Member State Allawee


Here are the List of States and the amount Paid to NYSC Corps members;


  1. Abia state Pays ₦5,000
  2. Adamawa (unknown)
  3. Akwa Ibom state pays ₦4,900 monthly
  4. Anambra state pays ₦8,300 monthly (it is paid in bulk and not really monthly)
  5. Bauchi state pays ₦1,250
  6. Bayelsa – ₦3,000 to those in capital and ₦6,000 to those in rural areas.
  7. Benue (No information yet)
  8.  Borno – ₦5,000
  9. Cross River – ₦5,000
  10. Delta – ₦5,000.
  11. Ebonyi ( pays ₦9750 monthly; however, payment stalled since February 2019)
  12. Edo (No information yet)
  13. Ekiti – ₦5,000
  14. Enugu – pays ₦3,800 to those in villages and ₦1,000 to those serving in towns
  15. Gombe (No information yet)
  16. Imo – pays ₦2,000
  17.  Jigawa – pays ₦5,000
  18. Kaduna – ₦3000
  19. Kano pays a one-time sum of ₦15,000 which is approximately ₦1,200 per month
  20. Katsina (No information)
  21. Kebbi — ₦2,000 monthly
  22. Kogi (No information)
  23. Kwara – ₦25,000 monthly (paid to medical corp members)
  24. Lagos – ₦15,000 and sometimes ₦10,000 to corp members in ministries, ₦5000 to those in LGAs and ₦20,000 to medical youth corp members.
  25.  Nasarawa – pays ₦5,000 monthly (₦30K paid in bulk after 6 months)
  26. Niger – used to pay ₦6,000; according to reports but not anymore.
  27.  Ogun – Nil
  28. Ondo – ₦75,000 monthly to medical corp members only
  29. Osun – ₦5,000
  30. Oyo – ₦3,800
  31. Plateau (unknown yet)
  32. Rivers – ₦5,000 but the government of Governor increase to ₦15,00
  33. Sokoto – ₦5,000 to those in state government parastatals and ₦9,000 to those in state hospitals (please note that the payment is made in bulk at the end of the service year)
  34.  Taraba – ₦10,000 (we are not so sure about this anymore)
  35. Yobe – ₦5,000 monthly for regular corp members while medical corp members earn 100,000 plus.
  36. Zamfara – ₦3,000
  37. FCT – Abuja doesn’t pay anything


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My logo : NYSC Corp Member State Allawee


Do well to ask questions were necessary as regards NYSC Corp Member state Allawee and NYSC Online Registration and we will be there to guide you.

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