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NYSC Latest News Update Batch B 2023 – National Youth Service Corp

All NYSC news latest Update and development for all Batch C Prospective Corp members (PCMs) has been scheduled for all. It’s very crucial that all information that isn’t updated may be confidential to the management. But for now the news making rounds has been scheduled.

However, we have been able to give NYSC Latest News Update – National Youth Service Corp. Do well to follow up on the update. If there is any further information like NYSC orientation course date, Registration date, Passing out Parade date, Senate list upload, call up letter printing etc. We will definitely keep you updated.


Batch A Stream 1 NYSC Latest News Update from National Youth Service Corp Management

NYSC Data Correction of Date of Graduation

All Prospective Corps members (PCMs) are to note that correction of their Dates of Graduation will not be allowed after their Deployments are released.
PCMs with discrepancies between the Dates of Graduation on their Statement of Results and what was uploaded to the NYSC portal by their Institutions should resolve the problem with their Student Affairs Officers (SAOs) before deployments are released and not to proceed to the NYSC Orientation Camp with wrong date of graduation.


NYSC Online Registration for PCMs

B. Online registration for 2022 Batch C has commenced. All 2022 Batch C PCMs are advised to register from today Tuesday, 20th September to 30th September, 2022. Registration is strictly at accredited Cyber cafes.


Correction of Date of Graduation

Prospective Corps members (PCMs) should note that the NYSC will only accept Statement of Results with Dates of Graduation in the complete format of Day/Month/Year.
The NYSC considers all Statement of Results like Month/Year (for example 09/2022) or Year only (for example 2022) as incomplete and the PCMs will not be registered at the NYSC Orientation Camps.
PCMs with such Statement of Results are advised to contact the Registrars/Student Affairs Officers (SAOs) of their Institutions for resolution.

NYSC Accredited Business Operator

D. The restriction of registration to only accredited CyberCafe Operators will now commence in full during 2022 Batch ‘C’ online registration. The validity period for the paid subscription will be fixed once we kickstart.The full list of nysc Accredited CBOs so far can be viewed at cbo.nysc.gov.ng


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