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NYSC Registration Mistakes (Date of Birth, Names, Course of Study) 2023 – How to Avoid NYSC Online Registration Errors

If you have been searching for the mistakes that people Make in NYSC Registration and you want to know the NYSC Registration Mistakes do well to follow this platform to correct the Birthday date, Course of Study, State of Origin and Names.

There are various remarks that may be made to ensure that your NYSC Registration Mistakes is avoided as much as it could to ensure you have a cool and success NYSC Registration void of mistakes.


 How to Check NYSC Senate List & NYSC Registration Requirements


NYSC Online Registration

How to Correct Mistakes Made During NYSC Registration Mistakes

How to Correct Date of Birth


According to NYSC, henceforth, information from the West African Examination Council (WAEC) is now being used to effect changes on the NYSC portal The new procedure is as follows:

  • Login to your dashboard and click on the link to Date of Birth
    Enter WAEC Verification PIN, select WAEC Type, Year of exam and enter your Examination Number
  • Click on Verify button
  • Click SUBMIT or CANCEL

How to Correct Course of Study


The Following are the Procedures for Correction Of Course Of Study On The NYSC Platform

  • Login to your dashboard and click on the link for Correction of Course of Study;
    Select Course of Study; and
  • Then Click SUBMIT

How to Change Wrong Passports


  • According to NYSC, PCMs who have mistakenly uploaded wrong passport photographs during NYSC Online Registration are to send their Call-up Numbers and Names to NYSC official facebook message box www.facebook.com/official Nysc
  • Proceed to scan a written application for dropping of passport photograph and send to info@nysc.gov.ng, so that it can be dropped, and you will be enabled to re-upload. Here
  • All PCMs with wrong thumbprint and passport photographs may also contact the NYSC States Secretariat before the proper schedule commencement of the Orientation Exercise.

How to Correct Names

  • All PCMs are to login to their dashboard and request for correction of spelling mistakes and rearrangement of your names.
  • Meanwhile, those need addition or removal of names will have to go back to their institutions of graduation, who will in turn formally communicate such request to the NYSC.
  • It should be denoted that addition or removal of names will not be attended to, until your Institution follow the lay down procedure.
  • All Prospective Corp Members should ensure that your Certificate of National Service do not bear a wrongly spelt name.


 Corp Members Acronyms Used During NYSC Orientation

How to Correct Sex or State of Origin

All errors or lodge of a complaint or apply for correction at the ICT unit when you get to the NYSC orientation camp as important or necessary as it ought to be.


Note: If you can’t go about this procedure yourself you can do well to visit a cyber cafe nearest to you to help out so you won’t make any further NYSC Online Registration Error.



How to Avoid NYSC Online Registration Errors

To have a safe NYSC Online Registration do well to avoid the following below;

1. Avoid using someone else’s email and password

If you don’t have email, it is best you request you create one for yourself and make sure you are given your detail which may include your email address and the password which should be confidential


2. Choose correct Surname

As a married man or woman you choose online and upload your Surname during registration. Do well to input your spouse surname, make sure you put the correct surname you are using after marriage.


3. Indicate Sickness if Any

Ensure you fill in the details of sickness and indicate the type of sickness you make be having. If not any then leave blank. NYSC Registration Mistakes will not be anyway condoled.


4. Visit Official portal 

As a foreign PCMs ensure you fill the necessary documents as expected as it ought to be. Go to the official portal for details of the Requirements for foreign Applicant.


5. All military and SSS should indicate if with his or her documents if they are one.


6. Mixed up registration: some cyber cafe operators have the habit of registering more than one persons at a time in one computer by opening 2 or more tabs on the same browser. This causes mix-up in the PCMs information which is hard to rectify. We advise you to sit with the person registering you and make sure he doesn’t register another person at same time he registers u. When you want go somewhere before he finishes with u, tell him to log you out before he starts with somebody.


6. Registration by Proxy

There is no registration by proxy. Note that affected PCMs cannot register at camp because the biometrics is not having their details.


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