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How to Apply for NYSC Relocation/Redeployment Online – Fill & Print NYSC Relocation Letter – 2023

How to Apply for NYSC Relocation/Redeployment Online has been one of the questions that keeps popping in the hears and minds of Fresh Corp Member while in camp especially if they don’t really know how to carry out the while exercise. Well, MummyLizzysBlog Team is here to inform you on how to fill and print the NYSC Relocation & Redeployment Online.

What do we know? We are just your guide on all Application and how to print the NYSC Relocation letter after submitting the application form. Do stay in touch with use as we bring you all you needed to know as regards NYSC Relocation in the NYSC Portal. Your NYSC login portal and details should always be your guide while you login and carry out all necessary project in portal. Now do your NYSC Relocation using the guidelines below.

How to Apply for NYSC Relocation/Redeployment Online

The following are how Relocation is been carried out; 

1. In NYSC Camp

The process of Application are all carried out during the 21days orientation course in NYSC Camp. It will be announced while In camp, do well to collect the form and fill and ensure the details are filled correctly and the slips are attached to it.

Requirement for Application for NYSC Relocation/Redeployment in Camp include:

  1. Application Letter
  2. Questionnaire stating particulars and reason for redeploying
  3. Evidence for reason to redeploy (e.g Marriage Certificate or Health Certificate)

2. After three (3) months PPA

After you might have been posted to your place of Primary Assignment you will wait for 3 month before you can apply for Relocation Redeployment. There will be efficient provision for all Corp Member who which to move to another PPA after some stay in the Camped state.

This is on the ground that you cleared your 3 month stay and you worked efficiencienly before relocation. Note that all relocation are all done in the NYSC Portal Login.

Reasons why Corp Members may Like to Relocate

The following are the grounds on which Corp Member may like to relocate after their 21days Orientation camp; 

  1. On Health Ground
  2. On Marital Ground
  3. For Security Reason
  1. On Health Ground

Here we say most persons may not be sound in health, so they are been given the opportunity to move to any other state of their choice provided that state the health issues that they may be having that would not enable them have their service year conveniently. Here the medical reports need to be provided to enable approval of such Redeployment as expected.

  • On Marital Ground

This mostly pertains to all married women who will have to go stay with their husbands in his place of residence. On this ground, the marriage certificate need to be provided to have immediate approval by the state Coordinator in the orientation camp.

  • For Security Reason

This ground is not that effective as regards Relocation and Redeployment. But in most cases they can serve as a ground to relocate to another state. As they say security is everyone’s business. If you discover that you are not gonna corp as a result of security reasons you can clearly state in the relocation form that it’s as a result of security reasons.

How to Fill NYSC Relocation & Redeployment Form Online

Follow this Guildelines below to apply;

  1. First visit the NYSC official portal @
  2. Then proceed to click login
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. After which you close a bar and scroll down
  5. You will see “Relocation” click on it.
  6. Then enter the necessary information which may include your current state and your state to be posted to.
  7. Then click the reason for relocation which may include; either marital status or security reasons.
  8. The next is to upload all necessary documents either marriage certificate or health status.
  9. Lastly, submit.

How to print NYSC Relocation/Redeployment Letter Online

  • First of all visit the NYSC Portal @
  • Then log in with your details
  • Select “Manage Relocation”
  • Make payment
  • Print your payment receipt.
  • Finally, after payment you.will need to print using an option to print redeployment/relocation letter.
  • You can now Print the letter and make a copy

Note : Payment receipt is an evidence of payment in case any unexpected issue may come up.

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