How to Prepare for NYSC Orientation Camp Course 2023/2024 – Camp Requirements

If you are a Prospective corp member it is important to know How to prepare for NYSC Orientation Camp Course and Mobilization and get this to the maximum level of your services year. Keep checking out how to prepare for how to apply for NYSC online registration @ NYSC Portal Login.

We have therefore given the step by step instructions and Procedure to take for the NYSC Orientation Course and things to get all Prospective Corp Members prepared for online Application Registration that may be on going. Check out below for requirements.


How to Prepare for NYSC Orientation Camp Course – Camp Requirements

Do Necessary Things

The first thing you want to do is to make things right with your institution. They are the ones responsible for your Mobilization and if they don’t put your name on the list, NYSC will not even know you exist.
Make sure you don’t have any issues that can delay your school clearance or statement of results. If you have any outstanding courses, you should fix them all before mobilization. So one thing you want to do now is making things right.


Create Gmail Account

A smart person might want to ask what about yahoo mail. My answer is that opening a Gmail won’t cost you anything. I will advise you to open a Gmail account for your NYSC registration.
And if you have an active Gmail account, no need to open new one.


NYSC online Registration Fee

Apart from the money, you will pay the cafe man to do the NYSC registration for you, you will have to keep aside 3k for the printing of call-up letter online.
Although you may not pay if you will want to go to your institution to collect your call-up letter. But what I will advice you is to pay the money online so that you can print your letter anywhere you are. Put your mind at this.


JAMB Regularization

Jamb Regularization is meant for people who got admission into a higher institution without JAMB and those whose course displayed on jamb matriculation list site doesn’t tally with what they graduated with. If you belong to this categories, you should start your regularization straight away.

Domicile letter (Married Female Only)
A Domicile letter for NYSC is a letter to confirm your husband’s residential address. NYSC do not want to post a married female Corper far away from her husband. It’s very risky.
To prevent any unfortunate probabilities, you will submit the domicile letter to make NYSC post you close to your home.


Passport Photograph

You will need a passport size photograph. If you don’t already have, you should get it now. You will need it for your NYSC registration.
Please make sure the picture is clear and don’t attempt to use the one you used during your JAMB or the one you used during 100L.
For online registrations, the background of your passport must be white
For camp registrations, white or Red
Pls note: the passport you upload doing online registration will be the photo on your nysc portal, NYSC ID card and NYSC certificate.


Statement of Result

Remember number One point. This is just an emphasis of the point above. You will need a statement of result for your NYSC programme. Without your Original statement of results, you will not be sent out of the NYSC camp.
Make sure you have it with you and if you are thinking of forging one, you will be arrested and face the penalty.


Join WhatsApp Group

One thing you should do if you haven’t is to
join our Active WhatsApp group. If you are already in any of our groups, you don’t need to join again. However, if you have not, you are missing a lot.
A bunch of helpful information and life-saving tips we share on timely basis. First-hand information is 100% sure and the capable and qualified selfless working and experienced admins are always 24/7 ready to assist.

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