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If you are a Prospective corp member it is important to know How to prepare for NYSC Orientation Camp Course and Mobilization and get this to the maximum level of your services year. Keep checking out how to prepare for how to apply for NYSC online registration @ NYSC Portal Login.

We have therefore given the step by step instructions and Procedure to take for the NYSC Orientation Course and things to get all Prospective Corp Members prepared for online Application Registration that may be on going. Check out below for requirements.


How to Prepare for NYSC Orientation Camp Course – Camp Requirements

Do Necessary Things

The first thing you want to do is to make things right with your institution. They are the ones responsible for your Mobilization and if they don’t put your name on the list, NYSC will not even know you exist.
Make sure you don’t have any issues that can delay your school clearance or statement of results. If you have any outstanding courses, you should fix them all before mobilization. So one thing you want to do now is making things right.


Create Gmail Account

A smart person might want to ask what about yahoo mail. My answer is that opening a Gmail won’t cost you anything. I will advise you to open a Gmail account for your NYSC registration.
And if you have an active Gmail account, no need to open new one.


NYSC online Registration Fee

Apart from the money, you will pay the cafe man to do the NYSC registration for you, you will have to keep aside 3k for the printing of call-up letter online.
Although you may not pay if you will want to go to your institution to collect your call-up letter. But what I will advice you is to pay the money online so that you can print your letter anywhere you are. Put your mind at this.

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