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Rano Air Limited Recruitment Portal is opened for suitable and qualified candidate who wish to apply for airways flight job vacancy for different Rano Air Limited Recruitment job vacancies you may be willing and interested to Apply for.

We only giving this opportunity for Applicant who got the requirements to apply. And we have got you covered as regards Rano Air Limited Recruitment. The requirements, qualifications and Procedure to apply are all listed below.



How to Apply for Rano Air Limited Recruitment Portal Application

General Eligibility for AA Rano Limited Recruitment Portal Form

  • Hold a relevant Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent 6 – 8 years working experience Organized, process- oriented, excellent in English Proven leadership and management skills
  • Sales management experience Supervisory experience In-depth knowledge of sales principles and practices Shall have good communications and IT skill.

Rano Air Limited job Vacancy Available Position


Rano are recruiting to fill the following positions:


1.) Captain
2.) Senior First Officer
3.) Sales & Marketing Manager (Ticketing & Reservations Manager)
4.) Station Manager
5.) Technical Records Supervisor
6.) Customer Service Manager
7.) Technical Records Officer
8.) First Officer
9.) Ticketing & Reservations Supervisor
10.) Cabin Crew Training Manager
11.) Planning Engineer
12.) Purser / Line Trainer
13.) Customer Services Officer
14.) Lead, Cabin Crew
15.) EMB 145 Licensed Engineer
16.) Licensed Technician
17.) Baggage Handling Supervisor
18.) Junior Cabin Crew
19.) Quality & Safety Inspector (Engineering)
20.) Materials / Procurement Manager
21.) Quality & Safety Inspector (Operations)
22.) Operations Control Supervisor (Assistant Operations Manager)
23.) Procurement Officer
24.) Emergency Response Officer
25.) Store Supervisor
26.) Aviation Security Manager
27.) Store Officer
28.) Aviation Security Personnel
29.) Flight Duty Controller / Station Supervisor
30.) Aviation Human Resource Manager
31.) Administrative Officer
32.) Senior Flight Dispatcher
33.) Flight Dispatcher
34.) IT Specialist
35.) Crew Scheduling Supervisor

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