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RWTH Aachen International Scholarship. This is general public informed about the ongoing programme at Winnipeg Canada Scholarship Portal to enable all qualified Applicant get to apply for the on going Application Programme as expected. Moreso, all Applicant who meet the requirements should do well to apply for  RWTH Aachen International Scholarship 2021/2022 Application Scholarship by entering their correct information and details as expected.

In the same vein, any update that may be given here are all for the best of your consumption therefore ensure you take cognizant of the RWTH Aachen International Scholarship Application Process as you five into the eligibility and the right requirements to apply for the programme. Also do well to note the deadline for Application as well as the screening date. This scholarship Programme is strictly for the RWTH Aachen International Scholarship. 


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How to Apply for RWTH Aachen International Scholarship Application



RWTH Aachen International Scholarship General Eligibility


All Applicant are; 

  • are completing a degree program at RWTH and have foreign citizenship, earned their university entrance qualification abroad (Bildungsausländer), and are enrolled in a degree program at RWTH
  • are in the final period of their studies
  • are living in Germany during this final period
  • can provide proof of a good average grade (at least 2.5)
  • will complete their degree in the next twelve months


Benefit of RWTH Aachen International Scholarship


  • This short-term scholarship is granted for five months with a stipend of 500 Euros per month. Scholarship recipients will find out by mail if they have been selected or not.


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How to Apply for RWTH Aachen International Scholarship Application



My logo : RWTH Aachen International Scholarship


  • First of all visit the Application Portal @
  • Then enter the information and identity
  • Afterward, upload all documents as expected
  • Then proceed to summit
  • You will also need materials and documents to upload

Apply Now

Application Deadline

  • All applicant should do well to stay in touch with us for all application Deadline as expected.

Do well to make good use of the comments box below to ask questions as required. Ensure you rate this update and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. is here to serve you well.

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