Things to Avoid When Writing Curriculum Vitae CV (2023)

If you what to know how to write a very good Curriculum Vitae it is very much important to know the basic things to avoid while writing a CV attached in your Qualification.

We will also be showing you the basic concept of how Curriculum Vitae should be. By so doing some things and avoid some things you may have included in your CV format, CV template and example of a good CV and how to Write professional CV in Nigeria as well as build resume.

Things to Avoid When Writing Curriculum Vitae CV


  • Keep it simple and short

All the information on your CV should be kept so simple and short to accept the interest of employees

  • Avoid long specific address 

When writting your address it not necessary to write your full address on the address tap. You can simply write Lagos as the address instead of writing it in full.

  • Avoid addition of Primary and secondary School

So long you were able to be Qualified to have higher Qualification it is believe that you passed to both primary and secondary School. Therefore, just your highest Qualification is needed. No need stuffing your profile.


  • Tailor your job to application you apply for.

It is important that you attach the qualification you have that suit the job you apply for. You can’t apply for job when you don’t have the needed documents nor qualifications.


  • Avoid unnecessary cliche on your CV

On the profile of your Curriculum Vitae it is important that you avoid unnecessary cliche used for instance; I’m a team player, I have the willingness, I am bold black and beautiful etc. Just keep it simple and short.


  • Use an action word

It Simply justified what you did and your experience and achievement which should be written in clearer action word and specific. For instance, taught civic Education during NYSC.

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