University of Ibadan (UI) MBBS Part IV Exam Time table 2022/2023 Session

This is to inform the final year Medical Students of faculty of Clinical Studies UI has released her University of Ibadan (UI) MBBS Part IV Exam Time table for 2021/2022 Academic Session.

All concerned are informed to adhere strictly to the directives on University of Ibadan (UI) MBBS Part IV Exam Time table and examination guidelines. Read up on the dates exam will commence.


University of Ibadan (UI) MBBS Part IV Exam Time table

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General UI Examination Regulations


1. Candidates must attend punctually at the times assigned to their papers, and must be at the venue of the examination thirty (30) minutes before the time the examination is due to start. S/he must be ready to be admitted into the examination hall, at least, ten (10) minutes before the time appointed for the commencement of the examination. Candidates should, therefore, refrain from studying in halls and lecture rooms earmarked for examinations. Candidates arriving more than half an hour after the examination has started shall not be allowed to participate in the examination, or may be admitted only at the discretion of the Chief Invigilator (i.e., provided the cause(s) of lateness by the student are reasonable, cogent and sufficiently convincing).
2 (a) Similarly, except with the special permission of the Chief Invigilator, candidates may not leave the examination hall during the first and last half hour of the examination. Outside those periods, candidates, with the permission of the Invigilator, may leave the room temporarily, and then only if accompanied by an invigilator.
2 (b) Candidates must display their University Identity cards during each examination.
3 (a) Candidates must bring with them to the examination hall their own ink, pens and pencils and any materials which may be permitted by these regulations (see below), but they are not allowed to bring any other books or papers. Candidates are warned, in their own interest, to ensure that lecture notes, textbooks, bags, mobile telephones, etc. are not brought into the examination hall.
(b) Candidates may be searched by the Invigilator before they are allowed into the examination hall.
4. While the examination is in progress, communication between candidates is strictly forbidden, and any candidate found to be giving or receiving irregular assistance may be required to withdraw from the examination.
5. Silence must be observed in the examination hall. The only permissible way of attracting the attention of the invigilator is by the candidate raising his/her hand for recognition.
6. Candidates are not allowed to smoke in the Examination Hall or its vicinity.
7. Candidates are informed that a First Aid Box is provided in the examination hall, and medical attention can be obtained if necessary.
8. The use of scrap paper is not permitted. All rough work must be done in the answer booklet and crossed neatly through. Supplementary answer sheets, even if they contain only rough work, must be tied to the main answer booklet.
9. Candidates are advised, in their own interest, to write legibly and to avoid using faint ink. Answers must be
written in English, except as otherwise instructed. The answers to each question must start on a fresh page of the answer booklet.
10. Before handing in their answer scripts at the end of the examination, candidates must satisfy themselves that they have inserted at the appropriate places, their Matriculation Numbers and the numbers of the questions they answered.
11 (a) It will be the responsibility of each candidate to hand in his/her script to the Invigilator before he/she leaves the hall. Except for the question paper, and any materials he/she has brought with him/her, the candidate is not allowed to remove or mutilate any paper or material supplied by the University.
(b) Examination answer scripts/sheets whether used or unused should not be taken out of the examination hall by students.
(c) A student involved in examination misconduct or malpractice may be expelled from the University.
12. Candidates must adhere strictly to the sitting arrangement made by the Chief Invigilator.

Notes on Special Materials

1. Candidates taking Mathematics must bring their own mathematical instruments, which should include compasses and dividers, protractors, diagonal scales and set squares. Mathematical Tables will be provided for use in other subjects on request, and the use of Slide-rulers is also allowed. Simple calculators, not programmable ones, are also allowed upon clearance with the Chief Invigilator. Mathematical tables must not be taken away by students.
2. All the reagents, materials, and apparati necessary for practical examinations will be supplied, but candidates must provide themselves with any drawing instruments they need – dusters or glass cloths, platinum foil and wire, pocket-lenses, scalpels, scissors, forceps, seekers, razors, stops, section lifters, camel hair brushes, mounted needles – and may bring hand microtome. Candidates may use their own microscopes subject to the approval of the Chief Invigilator/Examiners.
3. In Geology, candidates may bring petrological microscopes and accessories.
4. Candidates taking Chemistry may bring prepared crucibles with a note of their approximate weight. Candidates may bring, for use in the practical examination, any book or books they wish, including their own laboratory note books
Candidates in experimental subjects are required to bring to the practical examinations their original laboratory note-books which may include an account of any research work in which they have participated and which should be certified by the candidate’s teachers. All note books must be taken away at the close of the examinations. Apart from the foregoing, candidates are not permitted to bring any books for use in the practical examinations.
All students are advised to adhere strictly to these instructions

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