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This is to vividly inform the general public that the UNRS Recruitment Portal is opened to enable Candidates who which to apply for the position of various paramilitary should do well to take cognizant of the procedure to apply for the on going UNRS Recruitment and Job Vacancy. Do not misuse this great opportunity before you.

UNRS Stand for United Nations Rescue  Service. UNRS Recruitment Portal has branches in all part of the country. Therefore, the UNRS Recruitment Portal is still available. Moreover, the UN Rescue Service you have some basic requirements and eligibility before one could apply, all are seen in this update below.


How to Apply for UNRS Recruitment Porta


UNRS Recruitment General Eligibility


  • Have valid means of identification
  • Possession of O’level / A’level certificate
  • Higher Educational certificates
  • NYSC discharge certificate or letter of exemption
  • Application CV / Resume
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Guarantors form
  • Other supporting documents
  • Good personal health records


About UNRS Recruitment Application Form


  • United Nations Rescue Service is an International Care Giving, Non-governmental and Non-religious organization that promotes the UNITED NATIONS Humanitarian Services globally and Advocates on the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs)


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Basic Duties and Responsibilities and of UNRS 


  • Sustainable Goals
  • Rescue Operation
  • Hope Shelter


What is UNRS Recruitment Duties and Responsibilities? 

Sustainable Development Goals of UN Rescue Service

UN RESCUE SERVICES Promotes The UNITED NATIONS – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which includes:-

  • Achieve Universal Education
  • Eradicate Extreme Poverty & Hunger
  • Reduce Child Mortality
  • Improve Maternal Health
  • Ensure Environmental Sustainability
  •  Global Partnership for Development
  • Combat HIV AIDS, Malaria etc; and
  • Promote Gender Equality & Empower Women / General Public.


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UN Rescue Service Recruitment Rescue Operations


The following are the rescue operation been carried out by the UN Rescue services; 


  • UN RESCUE SERVICES Conducts RESCUE OPERATIONS in Emergency Situations
  • Gives First Aid to Accident Victims and Enlightenment through Seminars on Peaceful Co-Existence, Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Vandalism, Anti-Kidnapping and Anti-Slavery.
  • UNRS also offer Counselling on Youth Restiveness, Dangers of Drug Abuse, Pre-Marital Pregnancy, Under Age Driving, Drunkenness, Thuggery, Child Trafficking, Child Labour, National & Int’l Prostitution and all Anti-Social Vices.
  • They also provide Skill Acquisition / Vocational Training, Women & Youth Empowerment and Feed Orphans, Widows & Widowers as well as provide Shelters to the Homeless,


Hope Shelter for UNRS Recruitment Portal


Is an initiative of UN RESCUE SERVICES meant to deliver Ten Thousand (10,000) Units of Affordable Houses in the Six (6) Geo-Political Zones using the SWEDISH GIVENT CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY invented by one of Our INT’L NOBLE AMBASSADOR ROGER ERIKSSON, which our findings revealed is one of the best in the world and requires only 10% Concrete to deliver durable, efficient and sustainable Houses that could last up to 1,000years.

UN RESCUE SERVICES shall engage only qualified and competent Contractors who have the capabilities to issue Bank Guarantees from top rated Banks to call up the approved Funding from Humanitarian Financiers.

Benefit of UN Rescue Service International Noble Members


  • The INT’L NOBLE AMBASSADOR AWARD is an Initiative of UN RESCUE SERVICES aimed at Honouring CARE GIVERS in the society who have contributed their RESOURCES, KNOWLEDGE & TIME in Service To GOD and Humanity across nations of the World.
  • Such persons are identified and nominated by the NOBLE Members of UNRS. Some of the benefits of being an INT’L NOBLE AMBASSADOR is that an individual could be Nominated to be an Election Observer in any United Nations Member Country
  • Leada Peace Initiative and shall be invited to participate in our Annual National & Int’l Conferences, Leadership Seminars and Training
  • NOBLE AMBASSADORS are Decorated publicly with the INT’L NOBLE AMBASSADOR Award and are given a Certificate, Plague & Muffler and are entitled to drive with our “NOBLE AMBASSADOR” Official Vehicle Number Plate which gives thoroughfare on the highway


 UNRS Application Forms

  • Donation form
  • Noble Ambassador Form
  • UNRS Form
  • Secure Scope Form


How to Apply for UNRS Recruitment Portal


  • First visit the UN Rescue services Official Website @
  • Then proceed to apply for either of the Donation form, Noble Ambassador Form, UNRS Form, Secure Scope Form
  • Then fill in your full name, email address, Phone number, Date of birth, Place of birth, blood group, country, State, Local government Area, Address.
  • Amount to be Paid is N5500 for UNRS Form
  • Then click Make Payment



UN Rescue services Official Website



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If you have any questions please feel free to ask below using the comments box.

Do well to make good use of the comments box below for answers to all questions needed to be addressed. UNRS Form

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