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US Embassy Recruitment Portal Job Qualification is made available for all Applicant who got the basic requirements for US Embassy Recruitment Portal Form.

All eligible Applicant for US Embassy Recruitment Portal should follow the guidelines and Instructions to know how to go about the online application process as we have been able to list for you below. READ MORE


How to Apply for US Embassy Recruitment Portal Job Vacancies

US Embassy Recruitment Portal Job Available

US Embassy is recruiting for the positions below;

1.) Public Health Administrative Management Assistant
Location: Abuja
Salary: USD 43,507 (NGN 8,664,538) Annually.
Deadline: 7th July, 2022

2.) Automotive Mechanic (Body and Fender)
Location: Lagos
Salary: USD 34,770 (NGN 4,834,097) Annually.
Deadline: 8th July, 2022

3.) Realty Clerk
Location: Abuja
Salary: USD 31,083 Annually.
Deadline: 5th July, 2022.

4.) ILMS Clerk – All Interested Candidates
Location: Abuja
Salary: USD31,083 Annually.
Deadline: 29th June, 2022.

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