4 D’s of Examination Success – How to Pass with Flying Colours (2022)

With  these  D’s of Examination Success you can Pass any Exam you want to seat for without tears. Often time i keep asking myself the reason why student write Various Examination like WAEC, JAMB, NECO, Post UTME and even their Semester Examination and at the end they fail in such in take.

How to Pass WAEC examination in Flying Colours is as easy as ABC only if one will be able to device this mean i’m about to show you in this update.

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How to Pass With D’s of Examination Success

Most Student find it so difficult to Pass their various papers simply because of one excuse or the other which is one of the consequences of one not preparing hard for their Examination. Here are the D’s of Examination Success Below;

  1.  Diligent 

There is always a man that is so diligent to is duty and such a person will have such reward to his or her work. You hardly see any man who work so hard to burn night candle will definitely Pass in Flying colours.

To be diligent simply means to be serious with all academic pursuit as well as all scheme of work and many other school  activities and even to be ahead of time. It also entails making your priories right simply because there is time for everything in life. You can every Learn and study hard to Pass Exam in One Night.


 2. Dedicated 

All your zeal must be put to work knowing fully well that you have a target and in time to come such aim will be achieved in time to come. I laugh when i see most persons having Exams but they prefare to watch movies or to play video game. All you should be thinking is How to Pass Exam Successfully.

Moreover, You cant compare yourself with someone that dedicate his/her time to study and prepare so hard for the forth coming Exam ahead of time. You have to ask questions where necessary, study hard, come to classes for lectures, do assignments and take your necessary examinations. How to Pass Exam in last minute is what most persons may be think where as there were no adequate preparation ahead of time.


3. Decision

What are your focus and your derision? Back then in undergraduate days many were brilliant some were just so seriousness to the extent that they chat on social media, some just come to take attendance and leave immediately, some will prefare to seat at the back to cause a lot of distractions. After the semester examinations result is out you get to see that those that don’t study, pay attention to lectures non come to class will fail and as well have issues. Your decision should be to Pass Examination with Top Grade

However, some will go ahead to sort even at that they would meet up to the standard of those that wrote the exams themselves. Its all about knowing the best steps to take in your preparations for Exams and do it wisely. What works for Mr A may not work for Mr B.


4. Determinations

Determination comes from the inside no matter the advise one is been given the one that remains the best is the one you give to yourself. How often will you keep beating around the bush when you have a great role to play and make you and your parents happy. If you can take a stand and do well to strike a balance between your curricular activities and your academia it will definitely help out to go a long way. There is no way you could Pass Examination without Studying.

Of course you wouldn’t want to cry had i know i would have done this or done that that word is actually not so cool for a student you is aiming high in his academics. It is very much important that you become focus and take a stand and as well look outside the box.


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We believe this update on 4 D’s of Examination Success has been able to educate you on how to Pass any Examination in flying colours. Note that this is a personal write kindly get us informed if you notice a form of copyright.

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