How to Write SIWES Report – Industrial Work Experience Report 2023

The Student Industrial Work Experience is aid to ensure on How to Write SIWES Report by student in their various discipline undergo one experience or the other in their field of study. The is effectively aimed to spur them into learning how to practice what ever they have been thought in the class room by so doing broaden their knowledge in their field. Moreover, it is very much important to note that after the training has been done each student are expected to Write SIWES Report which will also form the continuous assessment and will be graded.

Consequently every student should always do well to learn How to Write SIWES Report after he/she most have undergo the industrial training. However, the training may vary if the student is into mass communication that shows that there are some lay down principles that must be done in order to pass through the SIWES Report Writing.


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How to Write SIWES Report as Student


To Write SIWES Report there are some procedures to take into cognizance in-order to have a successful report writing which will be outline in the article. Every student that want to write SIWES Report should do well to take note of the following;


  1. Front Page

This page usually carry the identity that should entails you name and your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) where your establishment you served is. Your department should also be enlisted in the front page and this should also be written in partial fulfillment of BSc. whereas the date should also be inclusive.

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Write SIWES Report


    2.   Abstract

Abstract shows a brief summary of the the work done at the establishment. It describe what was done in a summary form stating the benefit derived from going to the establishment. For example, One may say “The training was able to spur one to know the house style of the establishment in the aspect of news writing and reporting. This has been able to create room for field work and class theoretical aspect”.



        3. Acknowledgement


This actually deals with showing gratitude to the people who assisted you to ensure that the Student Industrial Work Experience was a success. You can mention your parents, guardian, Head of Department and any other person that made the experience to be a success.



4. Introduction


Introductory part deals with the purpose of undergoing the Student Industrial Work Experience. For example, This is to enable able student to endeavor to blend between the class exercise and the journalism practices which is the purpose of the industrial training. .


  5. Profile of the Establishment


The profile of the establishment states the date and year it was found and this should also state the location of such establishment. If the establishment have a motto it should be included in the profile of your establishment. Example of motto is “Delivering quality service to a greater number”.


  6.    Organogramme of the Establishment


Any establishment that has no organogramme such an establishment is not worthy to be called an establishment. An organogramme is said to be the those that are in charge, some may be called Director General while some will be called General manager. if it is managed by the Government it is called Director General but if it is managed by an individual they are called General Manager. It is the structure of such establishment.


How to Write SIWES Report on Organogramme of an Establishment


To write SIWES Report other organogamme of an establishment may include:

  1. News and Current Affairs Department
  2. Radio Service Department
  3. Marketing Department
  4. Finance and Accounting Department
  5. TV Department. (If its a mass media establishment)

7.  Work Experience Programme


In order to Write a good SIWES Report one have to note that he/she must state the description of work done in the establishment. You can also include your bar line which has to do with the work done and ensure that you include the materials that was use to work in the place of primary assignment.

Note: The next chapter should include the other work that had been done stating the effectiveness of the work done. For example, Work experience in the News room.

8. Observations and Recommendations


During your stay in the the establishment what was your observation are the experiences so educating or it wasn’t educating. What do you recommend that should be done during these period of Student Industrial Work Experience.

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