AAU Ekpoma Academic Calendar 2023/2024 Academic Session

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The Ambrose Alli University AAU Ekpoma Academic Calendar is now opened for prospective undergraduate student both Fresher and Returning Student. We have listed the AAU Ekpoma Academic Calendar for you so as to be used to the AAU Academic Session.

You can do well to bookmark this page on AAU Ekpoma Academic Calendar so as to always refare to it in subsequent time to come. It’s important to note the Resumption Date and Closing Date. All of these we have written for your assistance in the 2022/2023 Academic Session.

AAU EKpoma Revised Second Semester Calendar

The re-adjusted Second Semester Calendar for the 2021/2022 academic session is as follows:
Tuesday, 21st March 2023: Students return to campus
Thursday, 13th April 2023: End of Second Semester Lectures for all students
Monday, 17th April 2023: Second Semester Examinations begin with GST and ENT courses
Saturday, 13th May 2023: Second Semester Examinations end
Monday, 15th May 2023: New Students arrive on campus
Monday, 5th June 2023: Faculty Boards of Examiners meet to consider results
Tuesday, 13th June – Thursday, 15th June 2023: Meetings of Senate to consider results and mark the end of the academic session.


AAU Ekpoma Academic Calendar 2021/2022 Academic Session

  1. Sunday, 7th August, 2022 – Fresh students come into campus
  2. Monday, 8th August, 2022 – First semester lectures for fresh students begin
  3. Wednesday, 17th August, 2022 – Orientation for fresh students
  4. Thursday, 18th August, 2022 – Online clearance/registration for fresh students
  5. Sunday, 21st August, 2022 – Old students come into campus
  6. Monday, 22nd August, 2022 – First semester lectures for old students begin
  7. Friday, 2nd September, 2022 – Matriculation
  8. Friday, 16th September, 2022 – End of registration for all students
  9. Monday, 19th September, 2022 – Continuous Assessment for all students
  10. Friday, 4th November, 2022 – First semester lectures end for all students
  11. Monday, 7th November, 2022 – First semester examinations begin with GST and ENT courses
  12. Wednesday, 7th December, 2022 – First semester examinations End
  13. Sunday, 11th December, 2022 – Students come into campus
  14. Monday, 12th December, 2022 – Second semester lectures begin for all students
  15. Friday, 23rd December, 2022 – Faculty Boards meet to consider results
  16. Friday, 30th December, 2022 – Business Committee of Senate meets to consider results
  17. Wednesday, 25th January, 2023 – Continuous assessment for all students
  18. Friday, 10th March, 2023 – End of second semester lectures for all students
  19. Monday, 13th March, 2023 – Second semester examinations begin with GST and ENT Courses.
  20. Friday, 14th April, 2023 – Second semester examinations end
  21. Thursday, 4th May, 2023 – Faculty Boards meet to consider results
    Monday, 8th May to Friday, 12th
  22. May, 2023 – Meeting of Senate to consider results/end of session




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