All Schools Resumption Date Ebonyi State

The Ebonyi State Government has over some month had closed down all Schools from resuming for the Academic session. This is as a result of the Corona virus Pandemic revargining the world which is said to be midnight in the day light. Simple because at midnight everyone is asleep.


In this period, there had been restrictions of movement, prevention of hand shaking, having close contact, observing 2metre social distancing, using of nose mask and this pandemic has really shaken the business, works and generally the basic deal on close transaction of business or the other. We can see many poor masses cry had to the fullest to ensure that they don’t stay at home hungry. This pandemic has also close down the airport from traveling on aircraft. This is actually a midnight in day light.

Afterwards, one will Strive so hard to ensure that they meet up all that is needed of them to achieve. Most persons filled their house with food stuff while some, eat from hand to mouth, it could be a kinda survival of the fittest. During this period, government prefare churches closed while business were ongoing. And administrative meeting ongoing. Also  stay home was the other of the day. The agriculture sector was also hit by the Pandemic which impacted the agricultural sector in the country.

Consequently, it is over six months where all work and usually Academic session were put on hold. Now Ebonyian should be glad upon the resumption date that had been brought up for the consumption of the people.

in Ebonyi State the date of all primary, secondary and tertiary institution resumption is on 5th October 2020.

We therefore wait forward to this day when all regular academic activity will kick off as it ought to as stated by the ministry of education in the states.

However, every pupil and student including the teachers and lecturer should endeavor to observe the precautionary measure by wearing nose mask, washing of hands, hand sanitizer and all other preventive measures as expected.


All Schools Resumption Date Ebonyi State

In Ebonyi State, the Commissioner of Education in Ebonyi has stated this to enable all academic activity commence to ensure that all students get to go back to their school to commence studies.

Meanwhile, the management of each Schools are to enable two sessions of the school hours from 8am – 2pm and from 2pm -4pm as a sign of prevention of the virus. We wait forward to seeing student resume for the session. In few weeks time things will get back to normal generally.

Let’s air your views on this resent development of All School Resumption date.

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