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UNIZIK Post UTME Screening has come and it’s left for all candidates to know how to Calculate UNIZIK Post UTME Aggregate Score and you get to know if you have been given providential Admission Form. Therefore, you have to know that you have to make use of your Olevel results as well as the JAMB Score and give the aggregate score. We will be showing you how to calculate the Calculate UNIZIK Post UTME Aggregate Score.

Therefore, all Prospective Undergraduate should do well to note the procedure on How to Calculate UNIZIK Post UTME Aggregate Score. Do well to follow the steps and the guides we will be showing you below.

How to Calculate UNIZIK Post UTME Aggregate Score


The formula used for the UNIZIK Post-Utme 2021/2022 Admission Screening Exercise for UTME Candidates are as follows; 

Candidates will be screened based on their JAMB scores and O’level result for the four subjects taken in JAMB.


The following considerations will apply:

A. RATIO – The ratio will be 70:30. i.e 70% JAMB score and 30% O’level subject score: 70/100 = 0.7; 30/100 = 0.3

– O’level results will be ranked as given below:

A1= 90
B2= 80
B3= 70
C4= 60
C5= 55
C6= 50
D7= 40
E8 to F9=0

Awaiting Result (AR) =0

More explanation; 

For each candidate, the O’level subjects used will be the subjects the candidate sat for in JAMB. E.g. for a candidate who sat for English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics in JAMB, the grades obtained in candidate O’level results in these subjects will be used to calculate the O’level points obtained.

C. BONUS – A candidate who credited his four subjects in a single sitting will get a bonus of 20 points (i.e Bonus =20). A candidate who credited his four subjects in two sitting will get no bonus (i.e Bonus = 0).


How to Calculate UNIZIK Post UTME Aggregate Score


Step 1: Multiply your JAMB Utme score by 0.7. Let’s call the result the final JAMB score.

Step 2: Calculate your O’level score.

Step 3 If O’level was written in one sitting, add a bonus of 20 marks to the O’level score. Else do not add anything.

Step 4: Multiply the result you get from step 3 by 0.3. Let’s call the result “weighted O’level score”

Lastly, add up the final jamb score and weighted O’level score together. Whatever you get is your aggregate score.

In summary: Aggregate score = [(JAMB SCORE* 0.7) + [(O’level score + Bonus)*0.3]
Illustration: Let’s say a student scored 280 in JAMB and had 1 A, two B3‘s, and 1 C5 as the grades in her O’level results in one sitting. Then her aggregate score will be calculated as follows:

Step 1: jamb score * 0.7: That is 280 * 0.7 = 196

Step 2: Calculate o’level score (ie 90+70+70+55) = 285

Step 3: Since the student wrote the O’level in one sitting, add the bonus of 20 marks. That is 285 + 20 = 305. Call the 305 final O’level score

Step 4: Multiply the final O’level score by 0.3. That is 305 * 0.3 = 91.5. Call this the weighted O’level result

Last Step: Now add the final jamb score and weighted o’level result together, ie 196 + 91.5 = 287.

Hence, the candidate’s UNIZIK aggregate score is 287. This is the score that will be used for admission consideration.



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