IBRO World Congress Travel Grants 2023 for Researchers Worldwide

This is to inform the general public that the application for IBRO World Congress Travel Grants 2023 for Researchers Worldwide is currently ongoing for all eligible applicant. The basic requirements and procedures to access the link is updated below.

All eligible applicant who may wish to apply for IBRO World Congress Travel Grants 2023 for Researchers Worldwide should read up more on the process and requirement to apply.

How to Apply for IBRO 2023 World Congress Travel Grants for Researchers Worldwide

Benefits of IBRO World Congress Travel Grants

The following grants are available by region:

Africa: 2,000 EUR
Asia-Pacific: 1,800 EUR
Latin America: 1,800 EUR
Pan-Europe: 900 EUR
US/Canada: 1,800 EUR

Requirements for IBRO World Congress Travel Grants Qualification

You are a PhD student, postdoctoral researcher, or principal investigator;
You have submitted an abstract as first author for an on-site presentation;
At least one reference is required in order to be considered for the grant. Two references are ideal.

How to Apply for for IBRO World Congress Travel Grants

All Interested and qualified? Go to International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) on to apply
As soon as you have completed your application, an email will be sent to the individuals you designated to support your application (one must be your current supervisor).
They will be asked to submit their support for your application electronically. Make sure that you have received their consent beforehand, that the ?email address is correct and that you apply early enough to leave time for them to submit their support electronically before the deadline.

Application Deadline

March 28, 2023

About International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)

IBRO is the global federation of neuroscience organizations established in 1961 that aims to promote and support neuroscience around the world through training, teaching, research, outreach and engagement activities, and the publication of our two journals, Neuroscience and IBRO Reports. More than 90 international, regional and national scientific organizations constitute IBRO’s Governing Council which, together with the IBRO Executive Committee

Applications for the IBRO World Congress


Travel Grants open at the same time as abstract submission. You will be required to provide your abstract submission number as part of the travel grant application form. Grants are paid by bank transfer after the awardee has attended the Congress and submitted their certificate of attendance to the IBRO Secretariat by email.

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