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NECO Fishery Practical Specimen is released for all candidates consumption. Meanwhile, in subsequent time the answers will be dropped. Do well to note the NECO Fishery Practical Specimen first while the exams starts all info will be laid down.

It is therefore important that you stay in touch for NECO 2021 NECO Fishery Practical Questions and Answers. Keep reading for juicy details. For Team is ever posed to serve you better as expected. Ensure you bookmark this page and frequently reload for answers to Questions.


NECO Fishery Practical Questions & Answers



NECO Fishery Practical Specimen for 2021


SPECIMEN C: Bagrus docmac-(silver fish)

SPECIMEN D: Citharinus citharus- (Moonfish)


SPECIMEN F: Wheelbarrow

SPECIMEN G: Head pan



SPECIMEN J: Syringe and needle

SPECIMEN K: Measuring cylinder

SPECIMEN L: Slaked lime



New National Examination Council (NECO) SSCE Timetable for 2021 June/July Internal Candidates & Exam Date



NECO Fishery Practical Questions & Answers



Note that the above are the practical Specimen for Fishery Practical and not answers to any questions.


NECO 2021 Fishery practical Answers

Specimen A – Hetertis Niloticus ( Bony tongue crslop water fish)

Specimen B – Parachanna Obscura ( Snake head fish)

Specimen C – Heterobranchus longifilis (Cat fish)

Specimen D – Frog



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(i)A has teeth on their tongue and roof of their mouth while B does not have teeth
(ii)A has a long head while B has a flattened head

(i)They are both live in fresh water
(ii)They both have back bone
(iii)They both have gills for breathing
(iv)They both have teeth’s
(v)They both eyespot
(vi)They both have tongue
(vii)Scales are present in the both of them



i. Blue Catfish
ii. Lctalurus furcatus
iii. Yellow bull head

(i)They serve as food for the fish
(ii)They add certain nutrients to the environment

-Harmful effects –
(i)It compete with the fishes for food and other nutrients
(ii)They kill smallest fish in the pond


Specimen E – Digger
Specimen F – Hoe
Specimen G – Rake
Specimen H – File


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Specimen E
1. It is used for the removal of roots of trees, stumping.
2. For tilling of very hard soil.

Specimen F
1. It is used for weeding.
2. For transplanting some crops.

Specimen G
1. It is used for leveling or spreading soil surface after hoeing.
2. For covering vegetable seeds when they are broadcast.

Specimen H
1. It is used for sharpening blades of farm and fishing tools.
2. It is used for smoothening rough surfaces of farm and fishing implements.



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