New NECO Agricultural Science Practical Specimen 2022 – NECO Agricultural Science Practical Questions & Answers

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NECO Agricultural Science Practical Specimen 2021



Here are all NECO Agricultural Science Practical Specimen for 2021 July examination;


SPECIMEN A – Measuring tape

SPECIMEN B – Gunters chain

SPECIMEN C – Ranging pole


SPECIMEN E – Sandy soil

SPECIMEN F – Urea fertilizer

SPECIMEN G – Paddy rice

SPECIMEN H – Cassava tuber

SPECIMEN I – Palm fruit

SPECIMEN J – Fresh milk


SPECIMEN L – Hides and skin




NECO Agricultural Science Practical Questions & Answers



Specimen A – Measuring Tape.

Specimen B – Gunter’s Chain.

Specimen C – Ranging Pole.

Specimen D – Peg.


(i) Make sure the chain is not faulty before use.

(ii) Avoid error of parallax when reading measurements.

(iii) All chains, tapes, ropes e.t.c. must be properly alligned before taking measurements.

(Specimen A)

(i) It is used in taking detailed measurements.

(ii) It is used for taking the length, breadth and height of a farmland.

(Specimen C)

(i) It is used for marking stations.

(ii) It is also used for making straight lines.

(Specimen D)

(i) It is used during chaining for marking off chain lengths as measured.

(ii) It is also used for marking stations.

(1d) Loading…….


Specimen E – Sandy Soil.

Specimen F – Urea Fertilizer.


(i) Sandy Soil is coarse, grained and gritty.

(ii) It is not sticky, when wet. Hence, it cannot form a cast or ribbon.


(i) By Planting Cover Crops.

(ii) Application Of Compost Manure.

(iii) Mulching the soil.


(i) By Broadcasting.

(ii) Folial Spray.


(i) It reduces the activities of soil micro organisms.

(ii) It causes reduced growth/yield of crops.


0.02mm – 2.0mm.

(2g) Loading….


Specimen G – Paddy Rice.

Specimen H – Cassava Tuber.

Specimen I – Palm Fruit.


(Specimen G)

(i) Sun Drying.

(ii) Threshing.

(iii) Winnowing.

(Specimen H)

(i) Peeling.

(ii) Soaking.

(iii) Fermentation.

(Specimen I)

(i) Boiling/Cooking.

(ii) Pounding.

(iii) Grinding.

Not sure 4 this yet (Specimen I)


(i) Weeding.

(ii) Fertilizer Application.

(iii) Pest and Diseases(Removing).


Specimen J – Fresh Milk.

Specimen K – Eggs.

Specimen L – Hides and Skin.


(i) Prepare a proper milking area/Ensure the surroundings is kept tidy.


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