Good SUG President is really not easily seen in various Institution in Nigeria. Oftentimes, we see student making complaint of either the SUG president or Senator have embezzled money that was supposed to be be used for the affairs of the student and this really is not a Quality of a Good SUG president. We will emphatically explaining in this update various approach in knowing a Good SUG Leader who is leading in any given capacity.

Student Union Government Leadership in Nigerian universities, Polytechnic and Colleges of Education should not be to get the means of getting money but to be honest and sincere is one of the Ways to Know a Good SUG Leader. Now dive in to know the Qualities of a Good SUG President and all other SUG Excos.


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How to Know a Good SUG President in Nigerian Institution


Who is a SUG President?

Student Union Government is usually the back bone of all student of any institution. They are the representative of the student who try as much as they can to speak on behalf of the them and this is usually done to improve things in the school environment faculty and department.

SUG President can speak to the Vice Chancellor of the Instructions haven done series of meer with the Excos and deliberate on issues that need to be met. They speak on behalf of the student. who inturn gives feedback to the student who also reciprocate.


How to Know a Good SUG President in Nigerian Institution

Here are the full meaning and responsibilities of a Good LEADER;

L – Ladder

Just as the ladder is use to climb a place a leader is what the
followers will use to get to the top. Ladder leads any one who is on it
to get to the top. Therefore, a leader should be a ladder to ensure your
followers are climbing to the top. You should be able to take your follows to the top as you climb as well.


E – Echo

A leader is the one that speaks unbehalf of is followers. He must be
a good speaker that knows what the followers needs and can go as far
as rendering services.


A – Answer

To have an answer to anything you have to know the cause of such
problem and this will give you solution to such problem. In the same
vein, a leader should be an answer to every situation. In any question there is always an answer and a good leader must be able answer his followers questions which identify you as a great leader.

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D -Driver

He directs every one going to a particular place, before a driver could
start a journey he must have known the way as well as know how to
drive as as a Leader. A leader must be focused and alert while
directing his followers which is a sign of a great leader.

E – Edify

This as to do with building up any follower who seems to be weak in
any area. A leader will take it upon himself to edify is followers. Any
fruit that is edible just as we all know is good for consumption and will
give nutrients to the body. Hence, leader build his followers should possess this quality.

R – Rabai

A leader should be a teacher and must be able to teach is people and
by do doing they learn from you. An example of a Rabbi is Jesus, who
teaches his disciples what they need to know. Every Leader must possess this Quality.


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