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NECO Animal Husbandry

Objectives 2022 Answers

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NECO Animal Husbandry Theory Answers


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NECO Animal Husbandry Practical Questions & Answers 2022

Here are NECO 2021 Answers 


D = Bone

E = Fish meal

F = Guinea Grass


A = calcium

B = calcium







-Specimen G-

(i)They act as vectors of diseases

(ii)They suck blood of their host, thus leading to aneamia, loss of weight and death

-Specimen H-

(i)They Cause great annoyance and irritation to their host.

(ii)They act as vectors of diseases e.g. tick fever and heart water diseases.

Specimen I-

(i)They reduce the growth of host animals.

(ii)It causes indigestion and constipation.

legs and tail region


1. Animals should be kept in a clean surrounding.

2. Ensure regular dipping of animals in ascaricide solution to destroy lice.

3. Overcrowding of birds should be avoided.

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