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This is to inform the public that the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust QEST Portal for 2022/2023 is currently ongoing for all International student to Apply. This platform is open to all interested Applicant who are willing to study abroad. If you are willing to apply for this programme Scholarship you are instructed to take cognisant of the right requirements to apply for the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust QEST Portal as expected.

However, if you have not taking note of the right requirements to apply for the ongoing Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust QEST Portal programme do well to make sure you take note of the general Eligibility before you get to Apply for programme below. All applicant should do well to take cognisant of the pricey to apply for the programme inorder not to make any form of error or mistake while going about the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust QEST Portal Registration as expected. Keep reading from more details and juicy update.

How to Apply for Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust QEST Portal 2022/2023


About QEST scholarship


  • QEST scholarship is a career-transforming moment for makers, enabling them to invest in their skills.
  • This new initiative supports scholars with the best of Cockpit’s professional development and business coaching, giving them a framework and tools with which to map out their future. I can’t wait to see where they take their careers.”


The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust

  • (QEST) offers scholarships of up to £18,000 for the training and education of talented craftspeople. We want to sustain vital skills in traditional and contemporary crafts and contribute to excellence in the British craft industry.

QEST scholarship Application Form General Eligibility



  • In this section you should include any qualifications that are relevant to your craft, as well as any relevant awards you have received.

Career history

  • This section asks you to list previous employment, and you should only include past work experience you consider relevant.
  • You may also want to include volunteer work, commissions or residencies.
    the scholarship
  • Please briefly state the purpose of your Scholarship
  • This is your first opportunity to let us know what you plan to do with your scholarship funding.
  • You should clearly explain what you would like to do with your scholarship funding and why, in a few lines (250 characters).


How to Apply for Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust QEST Portal


  • Visit Application form Portal
    Read the requirements and qualifications
  • Create Account, submit details
  • Then Proceed to upload and update necessary information.

Application Deadline


  • The next application round will open from Monday 10 January to Monday 14 February 2022.
    All applications must be submitted online using our online application form.


Important Notice for successful Applicant


  • For each successful scholar QEST will also fund a place on a Professional Development Programme, run in partnership with Cockpit Arts.
  • Sessions will be held via Zoom on Tuesday afternoons (4.00 to 5.30pm) between December 2021 and March 2022, and scholars are expected to make every effort to attend.


Other Recommended vital Information


QUEST Scholarship is open for applications twice a year, in January and July.
Please note:

  • For applications made in January/February, successful applicants will be informed of the award in May. For applications made in July/August, successful applicants will be informed of the award in November.
  • If your application is unsuccessful and you did not reach interview, you may reapply in the next round.
  • If you reach the interview stage and are unsuccessful, we ask that you wait a year from the date of your application to reapply. APPLICATION PORTAL


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