Coronavirus Preventive Measures

Do you know the Coronavirus Preventive Measures? There have been series of pandmic that had been happen overtime in the present world and this situation has got everyone thinking and talking as a result of the means of How to Prevent Corona virus. In the same vein, questions have been asked what are the Coronavirus Preventive Measures to take inorder to avoid contacting this virus. More-so, it is very much important that everyone do well to take these precautionary measures seriously in order no to contact this pandamic diseases.

Therefore, it is very much important that everyone take Coronavirus Preventive measures. Inorder not to fall victim to this deadly virus roaming round the whole world.We over heard some say that the Eygptian diseaese will not see me and my family. Sure we are not disputing the fact but it is left for everyone to take the right precautionary measures in order to be safe. Everyone need to stay safe by been wise. Just as the second wave is coming through one have to be careful.

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Ways Coronavirus Preventive Measures and Adoption


The following are the Coronavirus Preventive Measures that may enable one to be free from such pandamic situations;


  • Wash hands with soap clean running water: This will enable coming contact with and diet or infected object be washed away and kept off properly
  • Use hand sanitiser regularly and proactively


  • Involve in 2 metre social distancing gap
  • Unnecessary movement should be restricted and as well having hand shake with anyone you you may come across.
  • Medical Personnel should be allocated to service centres
  • Wear nose mask for protection

Nose Mask

  • About 50 persons gathering should be restricted
  • There should be restriction of movements from traveler coming into the country
  • Passengers coming into the state should be restricted from coming into the state while those getting in should be checked and quarantine
  • Any form or symptoms should be looked into, checked and quarantine
  • Vaccines for the Coronavirus should be provided in-order to reduce contacting the diseases.

 Coronavirus Preventive Measures Symptoms

How to know one has the viral known as Coronavirus (Convid-19).

  1. Constant dry cough: Anyone that may have contacted this disease will have the symptoms of constant cough and this will extra ordinary.
  2. Sneezing:  This is another symptoms of Convid -19 that may warrant one to get the vaccine or cure for this virus.
  3. Ishing in the nose

 Coronavirus Preventive Measures Vaccines

  1. Boil hot water pour inside a bottle
  2. Slice the back of Pinapple, Lemon and ginger
  3. Pour inside the hot boiled water
  4. Afterwards, wait to desolve then drink gently

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