Limited Franchise Criteria for Voting in Electoral Processes – What Disqualifies one from Voting

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What is Limited Franchise Criteria? If you are a Nigerian or any Citizen of a country there are always some basic requirements and criteria that may enable one to vote and to be voted for in any electoral Processes. Limited Franchise Criteria are all listed in this update for all activist who participate in any political Process. We are good to information all students and all citizen of a country what it takes to take part in general election and as well be voted for.

Consequently, if you have been searching for the requirements for Voting in election, the qualifications are all listed in this post. Meanwhile, what may disqualify one from Voting in any electoral Processes are all listed below; keep reading for more details.



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What are Criteria for Voting and to be voted for in a Limited Franchise?


Limited Franchise Criteria for voting in Election



1. Citizenship

Note that only the citizens are allowed to vote and be voted for at election in many modern democratic society of country.


2. Race


Most times race is what guarantee one to vote and be voted for. Just like South Africa, the whites are allowed to vote and be voted for.


3. Age


During election and electoral Processes Age is what qualifies one to vote and be voted for. From age 18 and above one is qualified to vote. While to be voted for one must be from 35 years to become a candidate.


 4. Education


In some countries educational background are used to disqualify one from Voting and as well from exercising their right as a citizen. Buh in Nigeria everyone is allowed do long you meet the age and not disenfranchised with criminal records and bankruptcy.


5. Lack of Criminal Record


Every citizen of a country who have not be found guilty or has any offence of sentences to imprisonment.


6. Not Declared Bankrupt


To be certified to vote and be voted for one must not have any form of bankruptcy.


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Other Important Criteria for voting Include


  1. Residence
  2. Sex
  3. Evidence of Tax payment
  4. Ownership of Property
  5. Sanity
  6. Religion
  7. Not Banned


Conditions that Disqualify a Person from Voting in Any Election


1. Under Aged


Anyone below the age of 18 is not allowed to vote.


2. Criminals

Any one found guilty is not allowed to vote not be voted for and such person has been disenfranchised.


3. Insanity


This is another condition that Disqualifies one from Voting in any general election. A mad man will not be allowed to perform during electoral Processes.


4. Violence


Violence pepertrated by by political thugs in any participation in general election is not allowed for any political Process.


5. Alien


A person who is not a citizen of a country is not allowed to vote in any political Process or general election.


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