Top 10 Countries with Digital Nomad Visa 2023

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Traveling out of the country with a digital skill is very much easy provided you note the Top 10 Countries offering Digital Nomad Visa. The countries has been updated for you. All you have to do is to note the right steps which we have had been updated below.

We therefore advise that you note the Top 10 Countries with Digital Nomad Visa before going ahead to register for the countries of your choice.

Countries with Digital Nomad Visa

What Is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who works entirely remotely using digital technologies. A digital nomad may work out of cafes, beaches, or hotel rooms, and from anywhere in the world, as they are not tied down to any one location.

What Is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A digital nomad visa legally allows visitors to work remotely for a foreign country and receive foreign income for an extended period of time. Several countries today offer such long-term stay arrangements to work digitally abroad.

What Other Countries Offer Digital Nomad Visas?

While we profile just a few countries with digital nomad visas, 49 countries have in place a digital nomad visa or equivalent visa that would allow digital nomads to work.

Countries with Digital Nomad Visa

The following countries also accommodate the digital nomad: Spain, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Cyprus, Latvia, Albania, St. Lucia, Grenada, Panama, Belize, Brazil, Ecuador, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Namibia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Indonesia-Bali, Italy, Columbia, and South Africa

Countries with Digital Nomad Visa

1. Taiwan

Taiwan is a unique case, in that the Taiwan Employment Gold Card isn’t technically a digital nomad visa. It’s a four-in-one card, combining an open-ended work permit, resident visa, alien resident certificate, and re-entry permit.


2. Portugal 

Portugal offers a D7 passive income visa for independent workers that is valid for one year. It can be renewed twice, each time for an additional two years. The visa costs €83 and there’s also a resident permit fee of €72.

3. Norway 

The Independent Contractor Visa provides two years of residency within Norway for remote workers. The visa costs €600 and requires proof of an annual income of at least €35,719.
The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration has an online checklist of required documentation, such as a passport, two passport-size photos, and proof of having a Norway residence.

4. Montserrat

The Montserrat Remote Work Stamp is valid for one year of remote working. It requires proof of an annual income of $70,000 USD, and there’s a $500 USD fee for single travelers or a $750 USD fee for families of up to three dependents (plus a $250 USD fee for any additional dependents).



Mexico’s Temporary Resident Visa is unique in that it is targeted toward—but not restricted to—Canadians. Digital nomads can work remotely within Mexico for 180 days to four years.

6. Mauritius

The Premium Travel Visa offers one year of remote working abroad with the potential for renewal. The best part? The Premium Travel Visa is 100% free—no fees of any kind.

7. Malta

The Nomad Residence Permit allows digital nomads to work remotely within the archipelago for one year. It can be renewed but is available only to residents of countries outside of the EU.

8. Iceland

The long-term visa for remote workers program is available to digital nomads from any country that doesn’t require a visa to travel to Iceland and is not available to any that are part of the EU, the European Economic Area, and/or the European Free Trade Association.

9. Germany

Germany’s residence permit is granted to freelancers and other self-employed workers to reside within the country for three months, but this can be extended by up to three years.

10. Georgia

The Remotely From Georgia program enables digital nomads and their families to work within the former Soviet state for one year.
The project is available to travelers from up to 95 countries, including the United States and European Union (EU) members.

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