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Are you searching for Covenant University/JOFLSF Scholarship Portal? This is to inform the general public that there is an invition from suitably qualified candidates to apply for the Covenant University/Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship (JOFLSF) for the 2022/2023 academic session.

The requirements and qualifications for applying for the on going Applicant should have been Covenant University/JOFLSF Scholarship Portal.


How to Apply for Covenant University/JOFLSF Scholarship Portal

Important Information and Guidelines

Complete this application with your parents or legal guardians and submit it after you have completed your Covenant University admissions application form.
Be sure to include supporting documentation for your scholarship application (e.g. loan documents, bank statements, and pay slips) for at least the last three (3) months. A typed letter detailing the reasons why you need the Covenant/JOFLSF scholarship.
All the information provided must be accurate and true. Any falsi­fication of information on this application may result in the withdrawal of your admission to Covenant University.
Applicants are considered based on documented fi­nancial need and on a thorough assessment by the Covenant Scholarship Committee of all information gathered during the admissions process for each candidate.
The JOFLSF scholarship award is an all-expense paid education, based on demonstrated need, academic merit and availability of funds. The Scholarships is full to cover specifi­c items including tuition, accommodation, transportation, books, laptops and feeding

The Covenant/JOFLSF Scholarship is limited and only for 10 students (7 Nigerians and 3 from other African Countries) who cannot afford to pay as much as 10-40% of their school fees at Covenant.
In your Covenant University admission application form, you must indicate your interest in this scholarship
Sign and submit this form before the scholarship application deadline (July 15, 2018). Submissions after this date may not be considered.
Who is considered a parent? “Parent” refers to a biological or adoptive parent or a person determined by the state to be a parent (for example, if the parent is listed on the birth certificate). Grandparents, foster parents, legal guardians, older siblings, and uncles or aunts are not considered parents on this form unless they have legally adopted you. If your legal parents are living and married to each other, answer the questions about both of them. If your legal parents are not married and live together, answer the questions about both of them. In case of divorce or separation, give information about the parent you lived with most in the last 12 months. If you did not live with one parent more than the other, give information about the parent who provided you the most financial support during the last 12 months or during the most recent year you received support. If your divorced or widowed parent has remarried, also provide information about your stepparent.



How Apply for Covenant University/JOFLS Scholarship Portal


Stage1: Indicate your interest in Covenant University Admission application form

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