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Leventis Foundation Scholarship Portal 2023/2024 Application Procedures – www.leventisscholaships.org – How to Apply

This is to inform the general public that the Leventis Foundation Scholarship Portal is currently ongoing for various interested candidates who which to apply for the ongoing programme. Meanwhile, there are some requirements that one have to put in place to be eligible for the Leventis Foundation Scholarship portal programme. Do well to note the basic requirements that one will have before applying for the programme. Don’t loose this great opportunity coming your way. All application closes on 3rd April 2023

Meanwhile, we will also be drawing your attention to all basic benefit one can derive from the Leventis Foundation Scholarship will go about the programme. Keep on reading for more information and update for registration. If you have being able to go through the online update ensure you fill in the correct details and information

How to Apply for Leventis Foundation Scholarship

General Eligibility for Leventis Foundation Scholarship

  • Open to Nigerian Citizenship
  • Possess a 1st or Upper 2nd Class Bachelors degree completed (GPA 3.8 or higher)
  • Excellent command of English language
  • At least three years of work experience for MBA applicants

 Romanian Government Scholarship Portal Application Procedures & How to Apply

Leventis Foundation MBA and MSc Scholarships


  • Two (2) full scholarships covering tuition fees (100%), accommodation (100%) and living expenses (200 Euro per month for 12 months) for the Alba MBA program in Athens, Greece
  • One (1) partial scholarship covering 60% of tuition fees (remaining tuition fees to be paid 5000 Euro) for the MSc in Finance program.

Pan African University (PAU) Scholarship Application Portal & How to Apply

How to Apply for Leventis Foundation Scholarship

  • To get all the necessary information about the scholarships (conditions, necessary documents, enrolment calendar) and to submit their application files, the candidates should apply directly to: the Romanian diplomatic missions accredited to the candidate’s country of origin, or of residence, or to the diplomatic mission of the candidate’s state of origin accredited to Bucharest
  • Applications files should contain documents in the English or French languages.
  • If the application files contain documents in foreign languages other than English or French, they must be accompanied by authorized translations in one of the following languages: English or French.
  • Generally, Leventis universities may require that all enrolment documents should be accompanied by authorized copies and authorized translation in English.
  • Applicants are requested to apply online and then send their completed application hard copy package (include all official supplementary documents) by April 10, 2020 to: Leventis Foundation Nigeria (No. 2 Leventis Close, Central Business District, FCT, P.O. Box 20351, Abuja)

International Students Scholarship at Netherland Application Procedures

Note: In order for you to complete an on-line application form for Alba, you will first need to create an online account. Please save your username and password so you can revisit the saved application before the final submission.

Important Notice and Information to Applicant

  • In the “Available Programs” field, you must choose one program only- that is the program you
    intend to apply.
  • All fields should be completed in English language, as the online application system does not
    support Greek fonts.
  • Your full name should be completed as appears in your police ID (or Passport) in Latin characters
    and in small letters (i.e. Konstantinos Papadopoulos)
  • Your photograph should be of 300×300 pixels size, showing your full face, in white font.
  • In the question, “What kind of interview do you prefer?” please note that the option of a skype
    interview refers only to candidates who live outside Athens or abroad.
  • If you need to interrupt the completion of your application file, you may save and then exit the
    system. To continue, enter the last saved document, which will appear in a pop- up window as
    “last saved document”.
  • It is advisable to first write your essays in a word document and copy and paste them in the
    corresponding boxes of your application; this will minimize the total time of completion of your
  • The attached documents you intend to upload, as supporting documentation, should have short
    descriptions in English only (no more than eight characters) since attached documents that has
    long descriptions, might impede the submission of your application. Kindly note that the system
    supports only .pdf and .jpg files.
  • In this window if you click “Start New” then you will lose all saved

    data and you will have to
    complete your application file from scratch.

  • If you will need any further assistance, you may contact through email to: it@alba.acg.edu or
    call 210- 8964531 during Office hours.

Application Deadline

  • All applicant should note that application is currently ongoing and will close on 2nd April 2023.
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