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Dangote Group Recruitment Job Vacancy Requirement


Key roles and responsibilities of the truck co-ordinator are as follows:


  1. Co-ordinate the activities of assigned truck officers and their teams;
  2. Co-ordinate all truck concerns and issues with DCP trucks in his fleets;
  3. Supervise fleet scheduling and planning activities to ensure timely delivery of products to depots/customers.
  4. Ensure truck officers adhere to schedule and route destination of trucks on the highway.
  5. Ensure strict compliance and enforcement of existing company policies, procedures and reporting as it relates to their fleet;
  6. Manage the operations and maintenance of the company’s fleet as assigned;
  7. Manage / monitors efforts of all fleet managers to achieve synergies and ensure achievement of the operations targets;
  8. Preparation of daily, weekly and monthly operational reports;
  9. Ensure maximum utilization of trucks at all times;
  10. Oversee in conjunction with the recovery units, the return to operational condition any impounded, accidental or damaged trucks in line with agreed timelines;
  11. Some key result areas (Performance Rating: Satisfactory, Average, Unsatisfactory)
  12. Attitude towards assignments.
    Knowledge of duties and responsibilities.
  13. Working relationships and co-operation with truck officers.
  14. Review truck drivers records.
    Coordination of fleet officers activities.
    Safety inspection on trucks.
  15. Truck drivers performance and safety adherence monitoring.
  16. Truck availability.
    Truck recoveries.
  17. Compliance with DCT policies and procedures.
    Truck turn-around-time.
  18. Customer satisfaction.
  19. Private Health Insurance.
    Paid Time Off.
  20. Training & Development.


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