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Canada has always been one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants. It provides a wide variety of job opportunities for immigrants and offers them a chance to start their new life in Canada.


Entry-level jobs in Canada for immigrants are an excellent way for newcomers to gain experience and build their careers. The Canadian government has implemented various initiatives to help immigrants find entry-level jobs, such as the Express Entry program, which helps skilled workers find jobs quickly.


Additionally, there are various job search websites and organizations that assist newcomers who are looking for entry-level positions in the country. This article, provides valuable information about available positions, skills required, and other relevant information that can help new immigrants find suitable employment opportunities.


Top 10 Entry-Level Jobs in Canada for Immigrants


Canada is a popular destination for immigrants seeking better career opportunities and a high standard of living. For many immigrants, finding an entry-level job in Canada is the first step to building a successful career and achieving financial stability. In this article, I will discuss the top 10 entry-level jobs in Canada for immigrants, their job descriptions, salary expectations, and necessary qualifications.


  1. Customer Service Representative: Customer service representatives are an integral part of many businesses in Canada, as they are responsible for handling customer inquiries, complaints, and orders. Their job is to provide exceptional customer service by resolving customer issues and ensuring their satisfaction. As a result, customer service representatives are in high demand in Canada, particularly in the retail, telecommunications, and financial sectors.
    To become a customer service representative, one typically requires a high school diploma or equivalent, along with excellent communication skills and fluency in English or French. The ability to work in a fast-paced environment and remain calm under pressure is also essential. Many employers offer on-the-job training to ensure that new hires have the necessary skills to succeed in the role.
    The average salary for a customer service representative in Canada is around $38,000 CAD per year. However, this can vary depending on the industry and the employer. In addition to the base salary, customer service representatives may also be eligible for benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.
  2. Sales Associate: Sales associates are vital to the success of many businesses in Canada. They play a crucial role in generating revenue by promoting products and services, responding to customer inquiries, and closing sales deals. Sales associates can work in various industries, including retail, real estate, and insurance.
    The average salary for a sales associate in Canada is around CAD 40,000 per year. However, the salary can vary depending on the industry and the experience of the sales associate. Sales associates in the real estate industry, for example, can earn much higher salaries than those in retail.
    To be successful as a sales associate, strong communication skills are a must. Sales associates must be able to communicate effectively with customers, understand their needs, and provide them with relevant information about products or services. A friendly and approachable personality is also essential to building rapport with customers and making them feel comfortable.
    In addition to communication skills, a sales-driven mindset is necessary for success in this job. Sales associates must be motivated to meet their sales targets and work towards achieving them. This often requires persistence, determination, and a willingness to take initiative.
  3. Administrative Assistant: Administrative assistants are highly sought-after in Canada, as they are responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of an office environment. They provide support to management and executives, handling administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing paperwork, and maintaining office equipment. The average salary for an administrative assistant in Canada is $40,000 CAD per year.
    To be successful in this field, strong organizational skills and attention to detail are necessary. Administrative assistants must be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, prioritize their workload, and work efficiently under pressure. Proficiency in Microsoft Office is also essential, as administrative assistants frequently use word processing, spreadsheet, and database software.
    Additionally, administrative assistants must possess excellent communication skills and be comfortable interacting with individuals at all levels of an organization. They must be able to take direction well and work independently, as well as part of a team. In some cases, fluency in French or another language may be required, depending on the specific job and organization.
  4. Food Service Worker: Food service workers are employed in various settings such as restaurants, cafes, and hospitals. They prepare and serve food, handle cash transactions, and maintain a clean and organized work environment. The average salary for a food service worker in Canada is CAD 28,000 per year. A Food Handler Certificate and customer service skills are essential qualifications for this job.
  5. Delivery Driver: Delivery drivers are in high demand in Canada, as the e-commerce industry continues to grow rapidly. They transport goods and packages from warehouses to customers’ homes or businesses. The average salary for a delivery driver in Canada is CAD 39,000 per year. A valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and good communication skills are necessary qualifications for this job.
  6. Warehouse Worker: Warehouse workers are employed in various industries such as retail, manufacturing, and logistics. They are responsible for receiving, storing, and distributing goods and materials. The average salary for a warehouse worker in Canada is CAD 32,000 per year. Physical fitness, attention to detail, and basic computer skills are necessary qualifications for this job.
  7. Cleaner: Cleaners play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in various settings such as offices, schools, and hospitals. They are responsible for cleaning floors, windows, and surfaces, and disposing of waste. The average salary for a cleaner in Canada is CAD 28,000 per year. Attention to detail, physical fitness, and the ability to work independently are necessary qualifications for this job.
  8. Security Guard: Security guards are employed in various industries such as hospitality, retail, and healthcare. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of people and property. The average salary for a security guard in Canada is CAD 32,000 per year. A valid security guard license, good communication skills, and physical fitness are essential qualifications for this job.
  9. Personal Support Worker: Personal support workers are employed in the healthcare industry, providing care and support to elderly or disabled individuals.
  10. Customer Service Representative: Customer service representatives are responsible for handling customer inquiries and complaints. They must have good communication skills, be patient, and have knowledge about the products or services they are handling. Customer service representatives can work in various industries such as retail, banking, and telecommunications. The average salary for a customer service representative in Canada is around $35,000 per year.


Canada offers a wide range of entry-level jobs for immigrants who are looking to start their careers in the country. These jobs require varying levels of education and skills but offer competitive salaries and opportunities for growth.


Immigrants need to research the job market in Canada and identify the jobs that best match their skills and qualifications. With hard work and dedication, immigrants can establish successful careers and contribute to the Canadian economy.


Is relocating to Canada Worth it?


Relocating to Canada can be a life-changing decision. Canada is a country that prides itself on its diversity, inclusiveness, and high standard of living. There are many benefits to living in Canada, such as access to quality healthcare, education, and employment opportunities.

However, relocating to Canada also comes with its challenges. The process of immigrating can be lengthy and complicated, and the cost of living in Canada can be higher than what one is used to in Africa or Asia. Additionally, adjusting to a new culture and climate can also be a challenge.

Despite the challenges, I believe that relocating to Canada from Africa or Asia is worth it. Canada has a stable economy and political system, which translates to a better quality of life for its citizens and residents. The country is known for its friendly and welcoming nature towards immigrants, and there are many resources available to help newcomers settle into their new life.

In terms of employment opportunities, Canada has a strong job market with a variety of industries, making it possible to find work in one’s area of expertise. Moreover, Canada has a reputation for valuing work-life balance, which can be appealing to those who prioritize their personal life.

It is also worth noting that Canada offers many benefits and programs for immigrants, such as language classes and settlement services, to help ease the transition and facilitate integration into Canadian society.




In conclusion, Canada offers a wide range of opportunities for immigrants seeking entry-level jobs. Whether you are a recent graduate, a skilled worker, or a newcomer to the country, there are plenty of options available for you to start building a successful career.

From customer service representatives to administrative assistants, these jobs not only provide financial stability but also the opportunity for professional growth and development. By acquiring the necessary skills and qualifications, immigrants can take advantage of the diverse and dynamic job market in Canada. With a welcoming and inclusive culture, Canada remains one of the top destinations for immigrants seeking a better life and brighter future.

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