Hague University Talent Scholarship

If you have been searching for Hague University Talent Scholarship how to Apply for any scholarships online you are right in the best opportune place to enable you with the best opportunity to apply for the ongoing programme available. Do well to note the requirements and Eligibility to enable note what it takes to apply for the ongoing programme.

Meanwhile, we will be getting you to note the right requirements and the procedure to apply for the on Programme as expected. Do well to ensure that all the documents are expecting. Keep reading for update on how to apply for  Hague University Talent Scholarship Programme. 

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How to Apply for Hague University Talent Scholarship

General Eligibility for Hague University Talent Scholarship

  • Coming out of the European Union
  1. Applying for the first time at the University of Applied Sciences in The Hague
  2. Must be required to cover the totality of the institution’s costs for the course program
  3. Never submitted an application for a scholarship before
  4. Not previously have submitted an application for the Netherlands Scholarship
  5. Be accepted temporarily as a student by March 31 for the coming academic year ( also called a student job offer).

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How to Apply for Hague University Talent Scholarship

  1. Then enter the information and identity
  2. Afterward, upload all documents as expected
  3. Then proceed to summit
  4. You will also need materials and documents to upload
  5. Submit an application for the master’s program of the student’s interest through the online application process;

  6. Applicants are required to prepare an essay in English, of 950 to 1100 words, which describes the reasons and ways in which they can help make a difference in the multi-national and multi-cultural community of The Hague University of

  7. Apply Sciences and explain the program of their interest. Be sure to check the university’s essay submission instructions and evaluation process details listed further down before beginning to write;

  8. Applicants must apply by sending their essays by email to Be sure to indicate their name and their student number in the essay.

  9. Make sure to include the WCTS and student number in the subject line of the email.

Apply Now

Application Deadline for World Citizen Talent Scholarship Application.

All applicant should do well to stay in touch with us for all application Deadline as expected.

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