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This is to inform the general public that the US Embassy Scholarship Portal is currently ongoing for various interested candidates who which to apply for the on going programme. Meanwhile, there are some requirements that one have to put in place to be eligible for the US Embassy Scholarship Portal Programme 2021/2022 Application Portal programme. Do well to note the basic requirements that one have to have before applying for the programme. Don’t loose this great opportunity coming your way.

Meanwhile, we will also be drawing your attention to all basic benefit one can derive from the US Embassy Scholarship Portal Programme to go about the programme. Keep on reading for more information and update for registration. If you have being able to go through the online update ensure you fill in the correct details and information. Keep reading for means for Indigenes to Study at  US Embassy Scholarship Portal.


How to Apply for US Embassy Scholarship Portal

General Eligibility for US Embassy Scholarship Portal

  • This scholarship opportunity for developing countries provides the financial backbone supporting students from developing countries in their education.
  • Therefore, it is available to them alone. Applicants will need to have remarkable results, though.
  • Also, students applying for the scholarship will first get an admission offer from an American University. Afterward, they will pass through brief screening as specified in their course programs.
  • Further, regarding the English Language requirement, a firm English-speaking background propels your eligibility scores higher up. You also get a better consideration if you apply for admission to a prestigious USA University.


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What are the Benefit of US Embassy Scholarship Portal Application?


  • It covers the Immigration Health Surcharge and other expenses due to visa acquisition.
  • Fully-Funded
  • It provides an Upkeep Stipend of as much as $14,900. This figure may be a trifle lower for short study periods.
  • The US Embassy Scholarship also pays Family Stipends if the students meet the requisite criteria.
  • One economy airfare at both the start and end of the course
  • Lastly, with the US Embassy Scholarship, you can expect intermittent sharp increases in the scholarship funds.


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How to Apply for US Embassy Scholarship Portal Application

  • First of all visit the us embassy official website @
  • Ensure that all the necessary documents are available
  • Then, you can acquire and fill out the Scholarship Application Form
  • Moreover, the US Embassy will specify the size of photographs you will provide in your application form. Ensure you conform to this guide when you receive it.
  • Additionally, the application for this scholarship program is for free. Do not pay to have it processed for you.

Other important Guide for US Embassy Scholarship 


  • Providing documents and awards that will render credence to your eligibility
  • Writing the name(s) of credible referrals in your application,
  • And including a previous work history such as a community project, providing relief materials, or purely academic research.

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Application Deadline


  • All applicant should do well to stay in touch with us for all application Deadline as expected. APPLY NOW


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