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This is to bring to the notice to the general public that the First Bank Brainwork Challenge for 2021 is currently on on going to enable children get encharged in the on going challenge. Parent should note the general requirements and elibible qualifications of all interested Children Applicant.

It is interesting to note that all Applicant should follow the due process to apply for First Bank Brainwork Challenge as we will be briefing you on the steps by step procedures for online First Bank Brainwork Challenge Registration as well as what it takes to win the Challenge.

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How to Apply for First Bank Brainwork Challenge


It should be noted that this Challenge is to enable children exercise their thought I n what they had learnt in school since they are on a break but their brain shouldn’t be on a break. 

Therefore, let’s task their brains for a shot to get on the top of the leader board and get rewarded.

FirstBank PLC want to unleash the brainee in your children? Sign them up for the Brainwork Challenge today. The procedures and General Eligibility and Requirements are all listed below;

First Bank Brainwork Challenge General Eligibility


  • This Challenge is for Primary 1 to 6
  • Junior Secondary School 1 to 2
  • Senior Secondary School  1 to 2 students only.

How to Apply for First Bank Brainwork Challenge


All Applicant should follow these procedures below


  • First of all Sign them up for free subscription by clicking
  •  Also (new users only) or login to the Roducate eLearning platform
  • Proceed to Click on ‘Start learning‘ and follow the prompts
  • Open ‘Tasks‘ to see the challenge
  • Note that Consistent top performers will be rewarded



My Logo : First Bank Brainwork Challenge

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First Bank Brainwork Challenge Registration Date and Closing Date/Deadline


The Brainwork Challenge runs at the date stipulated. Therefore, stay in touch for update.



  • Keep your records with us up to date at any of our branches close to you.
  • Don’t reveal your online banking password, token response, card number or ATM pin to anyone.
  • We will never request for these secret details from you. Report suspicious calls to 07080625000, 014485500 or email


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