Melodic Soloing Guitar Scholarship

This is giving opportunity to all interested applicant to apply for ongoing scholarship Programme at your door step. All interested applicant are all interest to do well to take cognizance of the on going Melodic Soloing Guitar Scholarship and note the requirements that follows thus. Meanwhile, we will be glad if all Candidate take note of the right steps in order not to make any for of mistake in the Melodic Soloing Guitar Scholarship Application Portal as expected. Now that the right steps will be brought to your door step ensure that the information you may be dropping while filling the form are all correct. Now go through the following and ensure you note the requirements and eligibility.

There are many benefit to be gotten from applying from the aforementioned Melodic Soloing Guitar Scholarship Programme. The requirements and eligibility are all listed below, Now to well to take the bold step to apply if you are eligible and has the right qualifications. Keep reading for more juicy details on the application procedures.


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How to Apply for Melodic Soloing Guitar Scholarship


General Eligibility to Apply for Melodic Soloing Guitar Scholarship


Here are the right requirements to apply for the online Scholarship Programme as expected;


  1. Students are required to continue full-time registration at 12 units for the entire period of the scholarship. If successful application and academic performance are not achieved and sustained throughout the time of the award, the grant will be terminated
  2. Scholarships are not eligible for transfer and cannot be assigned to another person, program or beginning of the program beyond the original date of award;
  3. Currently and recently signed up AA guitar students only ;
  4. International students and U.S. citizens are both eligible;
  5. Can take place in the Associate of Arts in Performance Guitar program only.
  6. The Certificate, MI Select, and Bachelor’s degrees are not acceptable;
  7. Former recipients of this award are also not considered for this scholarship.


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Benefits of Melodic Soloing Guitar Scholarship Application


The following are all what the applicant and applicants are to benefits from the Guitar Scholarship Application;


  1. The Institute of Musicians will offer a first term academic tuition of $1,500.00, which will be charged in the first term of the program.
  2. The scholarship will be offered each spring and autumn to a new and returning guitar student who shows exceptional musical talent and who performs their unique musical vocals on the instrument as a soloist in any style of music.


How to Apply for Melodic Soloing Guitar Scholarship


  1. First of all all applicant should do well to visit the Melodic Application Portal @
  2. Then Proceed to Apply using the details required
  3. The next thing to do is to ensure you upload all documents required  which entails your CV/Resume
  4. Required documents should include a YouTube video, which needs to show, at a minimum, three songs that show evidence of an excellent performance as an instrumental melodic soloist in any style, on electric and/or acoustical guitar.
  5. Candidates must also present three live performances: as a group or duo;
  6. Eligible Candidates should continue to complete 12 full-time units for the entire period of the scholarship;
  7. A regards language qualification, Students who did not complete the English will be required to prove that they have an acceptable skill level in English.




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Now that we have being able to apply for the or go through the procedures to apply, we believe you were able to note what it takes to apply for the ongoing Melodic Soloing Guitar Scholarship do well to make good use of the comment box below for questions that needs immediate responses.

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