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Are you for NECO GCE Registration Form and got difficulty in online registration do well to follow this easy steps we have load down for you so as to go about the November December NECO GCE Exam and online Registration as easy as it ought to be. NECO GCE registration period begins on 9th September 2022 and ends on 21st November 2022 at midnight.

Ensure you got the right requirements and materials we will be showing you so as to proceed in the online application and Register as fast as possible.

Candidates are expected to also get the NECO GCE Examination Date and as well as the NECO GCE Timetable for candidates. All these we will be showing you in this article and platform. Our Team is here to serve you well.

How to Apply for NECO GCE Registration Form

NECO GCE Registration Form General Information

  • The Registration fee, once paid, is not refundable.
  • The use of reputable cyber cafes is highly recommended as the Council will not be liable for registration errors committed by candidates. (A list of suggested cyber cafes nationwide
  • where candidates can log on to register are available on the NECO website – Internet Service Operators – or are physically on display at our State offices nationwide.)
  • Candidates should carefully follow the instructions on the online scratch card before registration.
  • Candidates should study the Regulations and Syllabuses before registration.
  • Candidates should note that their uploaded image/photograph during the registration will be embossed on their certificates.
  • Smoking, cellular phones and other electronic communication devices are not allowed in the examination hall.
  • Candidates should dress in mufti, and no one will be allowed entry into the examination hall with arms.
    Multiple entries are not allowed.
  • Candidates who register more than once will have their entire results cancelled.
  • Candidates who damage or lose their scratch cards before registration will have to purchase another card.
    Please note that No candidate shall be allowed into an examination hall once an examination commences.
  • Wearing of face mask in the exam hall is compulsory.
    Social and physical distancing in the examination hall or classroom will be strictly enforced/observed.
  • Every candidate should bring into the examination hall or classroom his/her own hand sanitiser.

NECO GCE Exam Centres

  • The Examination centres for each state have been grouped into Neighbourhoods.
  • Candidates should select a Neighbourhood within the State where they intend to sit for the Examination.
  • They will automatically be assigned a centre within the selected neighbourhood after uploading their registration data online.

Visually Impaired Candidates

  • Visually impaired candidates are to register like everyone. However, they are to indicate the nature of their disability when making entry of their bio-data in the offline application during registration.

NECO GCE Approved Available Subjects 

The SSCE External has Twenty-nine subjects as follows:

Choice the at least 9 subject you offer,

  1. English Language
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Agricultural Science
  4. Arabic Language
  5. Biology
  6. Chemistry
  7. Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK)
  8. Civic Education
  9. Commerce
  10. Economics
  11. French
  12. Further Mathematics
  13. Geography
  14. Government
  15. Hausa
  16. Health Education
  17. History
  18. Igbo
  19. Islamic Studies
  20. Lit in English
  21. Mathematics
  22. Marketing
  23. Physical Education
  24. Physics
  25. Salesmanship
  26. Stenography
  27. Store keeping
  28. Technical Drawing
  29. Yoruba

Candidates should note that Nigerian Languages (Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba) include Literature components.


How to Apply for NECO GCE Form
Registration Period


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